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106 Stealth Can Make Korea The First Sovereign Mobile Nation


Sovereignty, an anarchist stereotype for most, means self governance, self reliance, real time access and accountability.  No government or ism, can realize  human rights on a national scale without crypto mobile tech, designed to address humanities core needs.  We owe much to Jeremy Epstein’s, why Korea could be the world’s crypto powered nation, 3-26-18, bitcoinmagazine.com, who will be the world’s crypto nation?, 3-20-18, forbes.com, sovereign nations will adopt crypto as their default currency, 6-15-18, cryptoglobe.com and the sovereign protocol war, 3-16-18, a Medium Corporation.  See labcccb.org, 4-25-17, warontherocks.com, 8-17-18.  90% of all data was created in the last 2 years, benefitting the 1%.  See Ripplenami.com.  That can be reversed with a stealth grid moral compass for the benefit of billions.  True 360 degree sovereignty could go global, virally, via Stealth Mobile.  See how blockchain can eradicate poverty in third world countries.  See Christina Komben, 4-27-18, coincentral.com.  Stealthgrid.com prefers working with decentralized exchanges like open ledger dex, crypto dex, binance chain, indorse, blocknet and laker banker. 

South Korea-population 51 million, has 30% of the world’s crypto trade market with under 1% of the world’s population.  S.K. GDP is under one third of Japans which also may be a world crypto adoption tipping point since the government declared crypto a legal tender.  S.K. has the world’s 11th largest GDP.  S.K. is the world’s first and only nation to adopt crypto investing with 30% of the population involved, including participation from all age classes.  One out of 50 S.K. adults are registered daily crypto traders.  Japan has 3.5 million registered crypto traders.  Japan has 660,000 business outlets using crypto.  It was the world’s largest trade market for Ethereum in 2017.  50% of South Korea’s population has used HanCoin, a virtual currency.  S.K. has one fourth of the world’s crypto market.  80% of South Korea’s crypto investors have made profits despite crypto costing 30% more on South Korean exchanges.  The Bitthumb exchange revenue grew 171 times in 2017.  Three months after launching, UPBIT is now the largest S.K. exchange.

99% of South Korea uses Kakao talk’s free mobile text, calls and message apps with WeChat like features.  WeChat’s 980 million users in China or outside of China have zero data privacy.  See South Korea’s newest exchange’s mobile app at app-wiix.co.  South Korea’s Icon blockchain may be the first to link all citizens of a nation.  “KTcorp, S.K.’s largest phone company has a blockchain telecom.  They are researching blockchain A.I. and 5G with a Japanese mobile provider.   The S.K. blockchain industry may grow 20 times in 4 years.”- Cointelegraph.com. Virtual currencies have been used for two generations there.  The mayor of Seoul, South Korea’s capital, is planning a Seoul coin for the entire city.  Half of S.K. lives in Seoul. 

Seoul’s BiFintech plans a Bible coin to list on global exchanges with GNN 200 nation broadcasting.  Noah city in Manila, Philippines, wants to be a global crypto hub in collaboration with South Korea. 

South Korea has the world’s fastest internet with 93% online.  S.K. has over 100 exchanges recognized by the government as regulated banks.  When the President spoke of shutting down crypto currency; 285,000 citizens signed a constitutional appeal petition to prevent it; which was orchestrated by the Anguk law firm.  The Supreme Court has ruled that crypto has economic value.  Bitstamp, the world’s first crypto exchange is in South Korea and the largest in trade volume, Binance, will have offices in South Korea.  8% of the United States has tried crypto and yet there is no clear federal crypto policy.  America has a $20 trillion deficit and counting. 

Stealthgrid.com, the stealth grid phone and it’s growing products and partners may multiply and accelerate the crypto mobile sovereign power of any nation exponentially.  Dignitaries from 7 nations have contacted one stealth company representative, alone, for these reasons from July 1-14.  Stealth Grid is the director of the smart city for San Diego, America’s 9th largest city.  The Genesis.space and Ono.chat with Stealth Grid could be forming virtual sovereign nations with participants from any country in the next 2-3 years.

We suggest an OK 2020 phone for those bold enough to seek a One Korea via the 2020 Olympics.  SK telecom may be a candidate.  They launched the quantum alliance for mobile crypto A.I. partnerships worldwide.

The most mass adopted man made phenomena ever is not any political, religious, economic,  world view or the internet.  In 30 years, 7 billion mobile phones were in use equalling the world’s 7 billion population.  There are 5 billion mobile subscribers-digital trends, 6-17-19.  For mobile daily real time trends see gsmainintelligence.com.  The Stealth Grid phone works during hurricanes, internet shut downs, and civil unrest.  It does not need cell towers or satellite and will retail for no more than $60 in the developing world and $600 in the industrial world.  Shipping starts mid September.  Our products use A.I. to incentivize and empower all people.  Our partner candidates include Ono.chat who may rival Facebook’s 3.6 billion users by 2020.  Think phonochat.  Ono is the first EOS dapp with 385,000 users in 3 months.  It is rated number one out of China’s 800 blockchains to create a social network for a global roll out.  See 6-6-18 PR newswire. 

Electroneum is a mobile mining app with 2 million users in one year with 30 partnerships and 70 pending.  Ponder an Electroneum phone.

Leaders of the Muslim community, the world’s fastest growing economic demographic and religion, have accepted the potential of crypto for their betterment.  Stealth Grid may be an ultimate diplomat to accelerate their economy and affordable, private data access.

EXOTIX economist, Paul Domjan says crypto’s greatest gift is for developing nations.  Despite central bank warnings, the tiny island nation of Sri Lanka witnessed the June 11 birth of the Ceybit exchange, buying back it’s native token in real time.  Crypto has biblical overtones.  Like the mustard seed, the tiny may be mighty.  Ceybit plans to expand in Malaysia, Philippines, and Indonesia to be a developing nation’s solution ambassador.

The phone can be private labeled and customized to store, mine, and trade virtually any crypto, fiat or assets based on appropriate software and compliance anywhere in the world.  See Stealthgrid.com YouTubes, Steemit.com and a Medium Corporation articles.  A 6 page summary is available by request at igpinc44@gmail.com or text or call for a conversational overview at (310)940-2404. 

If 2 billion smart phone users used solar rechargers, CO2 emissions would decrease by 10 million tons annually.  Women, the greatest unrewarded, underutilized minority, and or indigenous people, who are tech government, business or social leaders may advise us.  We have an 8/5-6 Global Revival Summit and charity event in Rancho Santa FE California.  Currently we have an initial proposal to share the Stealth Grid technologies with 1. South Korea, 2. India, see startup watch list 9 fintechs startups to watch out for in 2018, inc.42.com, 3. Africa, many Zimbabwe citizens trust crypto more than their local fiat.  Coindirect is a locally owned exchange in South Africa that brings more of the crypto benefit to the indigenous locale.  The Luno exchange in South Africa aims for 1 billion users this year; a natural potential partner for Stealth Grid this year, 4. Dubai, see arabianbusiness.com.

Yourpublicitycompany.com is the public relations firm for Stealthgrid.com

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