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104 Carbon Community Solutions for a Safer World

AIM, Acre Investment Management has key action plans for a global restoration economy. They can provide some of the highest roi in reforestation, water, carbon and wildlife restoration incentivizing the world to invest in an automated green future. Large scale reforestation can store 15% of the world's atmosperic CO2. 1/3 of all emissions are from deforestation. GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com awaits 1-12 visionary companies like AIM to see how quickly and dramatically our technologies totally revamp all those numbers.

AIM's Green Trees received the largest US reforestation carbon credit; over 1 million metric tons by the American Carbon Registry, a Winrock International enterprise. See green-trees.com. ArborDay.org is like AIM and a major restoration player and lists 7 tree restoration benefits other carbon credit models don't have - improved water, riparian buffers, improved air, flood control, improved soil, wildlife habitat and employment. Golden Opportunities solutions, applications and benefits could amp all seven when any one tree may do the work of 2 or more.

  • Nature has carbon storage record - 27k per square meter in a Scandinavian sea grass meadow.

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