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102 Golden Opportunities Development MBT seeks women of Ghana Partners

Since Ghana & Pakistani national agroforestry leaders were the first to arrange orders for our solutions to see the advantages themselves we are responding in kind to find visionary women and men in the private sector that want to branch out with Golden Opportunities Development MBT with NO distributors fees needed. Starting 1/31/19, 30 days after our launch we will contact Ghana's rural women Shea tree growers. See Ghana's coastal scents collective - ojoba collective.com, savannah fruits.com; many of which are fair trade organic women owned and operated ventures you may order products online from. So we bring ever more manna to Ghana Pakistana and restore mangroves and mangoes beyond organa. Our goal is 12 buyers by March however small they start they may be distributor disciples of a golden era tree of life global solutions movement all based on personal experience with no belief or major money required. Anyone may join the party possibilities. It starts with one enquiry and we ship globally.

Organic moringa super food grown by rural women in Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Tanzania, Mexico and Madagascar could use organic super solutions for climate smart, higher yield, more nutrient dense super food crops for their communities and customers far and wide. Moringa may be the most nutritious food on earth so let's feed it for a new frontier in 5th state moringa. The world's record for the largest mango is 7 pounds. We offer maybe bigger and certainly better. The moringa Madrid project is a thistle farms global initiative. Urban growers collective.org is a mirror in the American market place. With myriad non food items made by indigenous women, Kilifi moringa project and moringa.com super foods need super food. Nigerian organic super food secrets - like koala nut, are at ng.boell.org and via search's like organic super food crops of Nigeria.

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