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101 Ghana Partner: Abdul Razak Harruna


Abdul is a social entrepreneur, Director of Alfayi Co. Ltd. in Ghana and the coordinator of other companies serving various positions to facilitate humanitarian projects that help develop sustainable economies focusing primarily into Agriculture both on land and in water, Renewable Energy, ICT and Technologies.

Abdul introduces people directly to the source as an honorary cultural ambassador to his people which he is also a royal from the East Gonja Traditional Area and this is probably the secret to Abdul's popularity with even triple AAA rated investment banks to private foreign investors - he believes that neither himself nor anyone else should stand in the way of rapid economic development and realizing that the knowledge of foreigners because of their more advanced educations systems means that they can use their knowledge as their gift to Ghana so that Ghana can capitalize on her valuable agricultural and mineral resources.

His high integrity, humble nature, cross-cultural understanding, rapid implementation skills and social status have enabled him to position himself as a bridge for foreign direct investors and unorganized people.

Email: alfayi2001@gmail.com

Cell/WhatsApp: +233 242283324

Skype: razzhar2000

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