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099 Ghana's better coco, community & climate restoration

In 2017 Rainforest Alliance planted 15,000 native shade trees since conventional cocoa cultivation has been a major deforestation dynamic. This was 642 acres and will increase yield, carbon storage and monetization. 20 communities were trained on 100 pilot farms. The project was financed by the Toyota motor company. See climate smart coffee on the web. 2000 cocoa farmers were trained in 34 communities to plant a diversity of native grown shade trees to help cocoa trees adapt to increasing climate demands. Christian Mensah is the senior director with Rainforest Alliance for West Africa.

3 of Ghana's 25 million population are in cocoa production yet it's fair trade co ops like Koapa Kokoo in the center of West Ghana's coco kingdom that will help the average small grower get their fair trade share of the wealth of the earth. It has 89,000 members; 32% are women. 27% have no education and average 10 acres of cocoa cultivation. To Ghana's credit; 50% of Ghana's cocoa yearly production is fair trade.

This reforestation woman powered cocoa carbon collective with Rainforest Alliance and Ghana's organic cocoa growers association could put 5th state Ghana on the map. Overnight with cocoa growers doing it right. Anyone can get free press with Golden when they convert that to orders. Then collaboration starts.

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