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096 Ocean Treasures Store opens   2/4

ag-usa.net gave us marketing rights to their products, including Ocean Treasure. See oceantreasures.com, aid the children.com, max-well.us, healthy-vegetable-gardening.com(solutions for all living things - look for the interview series by that name on sovereign hero radio on amfmradio.com in February. Get a 5% discount on all products by typing in the word "hope" on max-well.us and discover the nutrient genetics link for all life for ms potential by studying the work of Dr. Richard Ulrie's articles at acresUSA.com.

2/4/19 - Thriving while we find the right climate channel - the trinity of 5th state nutrients exemplified by ag-usa.net, USA - United Sovereign Atoms and the latest crisper, gene drive tech may retrofit the earth from nano to macro from oblivion to utopia. All change has risk. Find details on these 3 in articles on this site.

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