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093 Puerto Rico Cocoa Plantation Restoration

The Puerto Rican resilience fund in the capital of San Juan is comprised of many agro ecology university women activists working for organic food sovereignty. We are fortunate to have a partner in San Juan who is willing to bring our proposals to the Secretary of State and the Governor. With all we're planning; we haven't had the time to make a formal detailed proposal.

Hurricanes in the 1700's took out the cocoa plantations and farms and colonialism didn't do much to encourage food sovereignty. Enter Eduardo Cortes, the carribeans largest cocoa grower whose planting 9 new cocoa varieties found after 20 years of research by the USDA on Puerto Rico's western coast. Since then hundreds of farmers have asked Eduardo to be a part of the cocoa restoration. We will contact him at Chocolate Cortes.com in Mayaguez since we can accommodate a restoration which undoubtedly is already acting upon with over 1,000 trees planted. The new Ghana cocoa variety that's claimed to produce cocoa in 9 months instead of 3-5 years may be appreciated and appropriate there. We'll offer a trial of MycorrPlus, our new flagship product, and Ocean Treasure for human use, both formulated by our new ag-usa.net primary partner who may be scheduled by us on farm radio, metro farm and other legacy networks advocating nature farming as they say in the effective microorganism business network.

Eduardo says the new varieties will yield 3 times as much as conventional varieties.

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