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091 Self Generating Ecologies and Economies

Harnessing laws beyond thermodynamics can make self growing systems that overrun entropy and offer more abundance over running entropy through sheer vitality. It sounds unreachable to most only because our science & socio economic systems aren't very bio mimicry efficient. Witness those that with examples as diverse as the groasis box growing maintenance free trees in the desert and C4 projects cray pay - a hybrid fiat crypto discount that rewards your purchase in eventually hundreds of thousands of stores. Invest in good seed and let nature grow your fortunes when you work much more nature may do most of the work. Louiseofrescoe.com reports on groasis in Kenya. These self starting systems attract the water, nourishment and participation need to self perpetuate with maintenance required by people ag-usa.net says conquer nature by learning to cooperate with it - witness the self perpetuating abundance resulting from their products and protocols for decades. See their site with that phrase, conquer by learning etc.

Warka water tower YouTubes are another example. Without moving parts; it produces water 24/7 inspired by Ethiopia's warka tree. It's mesh network draws water from the atmosphere. The EMF free WiFi mesh, freeing mobile users of a "monthly provider bill" is a crypto telecom example of the non linear; non polarity democratized mobile and decentralized YouTube stealthgrid.com will launch globally in April with 5th state features and its own ai self generating economy and beyond military grade data security.

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