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089 Dry Sudan Trials an ocean of solutions

2/9/19 - Our first large scale applications may be for Sudan wheat growers who have a total of 1 million acres under cultivation - we call this the wheats up app. Wheat is one of the main security crops for Sudan. Sudan's wheat bread prices tripled; hyper efficient natural agriculture for what Tunisia calls the democracy of bread. All parties need super efficient agricultural based on the platform that nature runs on and nations can benefit from. Ethiopia was one of the wheat's points of origin; no wonder Lenin called grain the currency of currencies. Wheat, corn, rice, and sorghum are the top world grains. Sudan only grows 30% of its wheat, imports 1.5 million tons a year and the national yield averages only 2 tons per hectare due in part the increased heat from climate change. Sudan is 1/4 the size of America and the continents largest country. Pre-colonialism, in 1886, saw Sudan, and nearby areas, producing wheat and barley on 4 million acres.

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