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086 Grow History's fairest Economy  & Fiat - Cryptocurrency

Join Stan Larimer and I, in developing an eco logical, crypto ecumenical, global economic infrastructure. Its a work in progress so give us 30-60-90 to do what the best governments never did. He & I are not the lead developers, yet may choose to be leaders in this world launch social movement. You can join now or watch and wait as Stan reports the milestones on steemit; inspired by son Dan; now cto history's best financed blockchain. Lives and wives have much to say about cray pay & the c4 project which saw 8,000 join on day one of launch January 10. What organization can say that? Curious yet cautious? Join us in a no commitment conference call or contact me at igpinc44@gmail.com. Meanwhile see these youtubes and the 3 part Sovereign Hero radio interviews by Aaron Mackley in January archived at amfm247.com.

PS This is not anti government, it's pro people of every financial status and is designed to compliment not conflict; with any system; be voluntary and self regenerating and profitable.

Post positive comments to igpinc44@gmail.com

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