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085 World's Most Advanced Carbon Storage - Soil Building Key

A sea derived solution concentrating 100 gallons of special ocean water, with all macro-micro-trace nutrients and 70 fungal strains can form soil in weeks. Transiting from synthetics to organic standards that take 3 years may happen in one. 20 ounces an acre added to other wise carbon farming practices may compete with the largest synthetic farms. Amazingcarbon.com has dozens of validating studies. MycorrPlus is the carbon conversion king unless we see data otherwise. Adding this to best practices for your climate crop country and cause local specifics is a golden ticket possibility for a low cost trial in any scenario.

Soil is highest carbon sink over which we have control - yet the potential depends on pivotal tech that allows nature to do most of the work and computing. Soil health is planetary capital for those in the know who will responsibly apply this knowledge garnered by thousands of natures students. In 70 years the nutrient level in 99% of the food has fallen 10-100%. A trend Rudolph Steiner did his part to reverse in the 30's.

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