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078 Super Natural Agroforestry - an aggregate of many schools of growing with nature ready to amplify them all collectively

Dear Yayra Glover & Tristan Lecomte,

As pioneers in fair trade, organically, agroforestry and climate carbon restoration we suggest you may find our solutions significantly improve all those and more. See AG-USA.net which explains our foundation for these statements. The founder lived in Ghana 13 years. This is one of several solutions products we actually feel are unique in the world with biblical benefits, ease of application and at cost competitive prices. We soaked GMO soybeans in one of our formulas and tests showed it reverted 100% to heirloom genetics in 2 weeks. We invite anyone to see for themselves the potential these products have in meeting the grand challenges we may only have 3-10 to solve. Naturally we've found they compliment virtually all regenerative agroforestry best practices. The Pakistan tsunami reforestation director has agreed to trial these products in early March.

Please see our website: www.goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com

Also see our archived radio shows at Sovereign HERO Show on AMFM247.com. PLEASE listen to this podcast from 2/17/19:



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