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077 Rhema Cocoa Project - rural women growing cocoa find 5th state solutions

2/21/19 - The day fortunate 500 representatives witness the gigawatt clean power generation technology; we plan to offer solutions to the eco feminists in the Ivory Coast, and other parts of Africa where cocoa is grown like blayeya where each woman owns a field and the labor is shared. See World Cocoa Foundation, Oxfarm, Nestles and the Guardian for articles on women's rural farm collectives. Help grow the Rhema Cocoa 5th state!

For your consideration:

Choclatour.net; new Dominican Republic collective

Plumbroomchocolate.com about Puerto Rico cocoa growers

Puerto Rican women directed boricua who won the USA food sovereignty award

Naomi Klein & Adnelli Marischal are journalists reporting on Puerto Rican farming revival

Kona Hawaii cocoa growers association

Alliance for food sovereignty in Africa

Organic cocoa in Sierra Leone

10,000 households grow cocoa in Uganda's Bundibugyo district; 85% of the farmers grow cocoa

Mondolez International empowers women cocoa growers in four countries

See fair trade international YouTubes on rural women farmers


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