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076 soilsecrets.com - atomic keys to immeasurable soil carbon-climate-health and wealth

Femto chem science collaborators show and measure how atoms form humic acid and glomalin molecules, 15 orders of magnitude beyond other methods with lasers and Sandia labs talent.

Humic acid is 80% of soil fertility and the Glomalin molecules - found in 96 by Sarah Wright - holds 1/3 of all the world's soil carbon. These two are keys to black gold - terra Preta; made by Mayans with carbon stored for centuries ad creating living soil actually growing in volume. On it's own - I don't think todays biochar, modeled after it, has yet duplicated that feat after thousands of soil scientists attempts since its discovery in the 90's.

soilsecrets.com has the commercial property rights of the carbon matrix - the internet of all plant root systems to prime pedo genesis - soil creation. Proprietary supra molecular science enables soil molecules, using biomimetics to accelerate healthy soil generation using molecular communication taking soil from no carbon to 7% and doubling carbon exchange capacity. His Los Luna's trees to please arboretum has over 100 varieties on a 9.2 alkaline sodium clay worse than desert sand which is compressed so much that roots and microbes can't penetrate. The soil was redeemed totally. 200,000 pounds of carbon are sequestered to 12 inches per acre the pound of carbon retains 10 pounds of water. The USDA quantified the transformation with reactive carbon cooling desert soil 16 degrees to a depth of 1 foot on 4 acres. The other 6 has hundreds of thousands of seedlings and nursery with other 200 varieties of apples planted with apricots, pomegranates, peaches, etc. To our knowledge no greater soil and carbon transformation has taken place. Their mycorrhizal inoculant has 3 million spore per pound to treat 10 acres for $30 often tripling yields of many tree and vegetable crops. They are planning an affordable carbon field test for farmers with portable mass spectrometers. They seek investors and ship globally.

See 3/2/19 Sovereign Hero radio soisecrets.com interview - a milestone in earth revival science.

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