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075 What nation's President is worth $4 billion in agriculture?

Uganda's Museveni makes much of his wealth from his own farming. He has often been on Uganda radio network and other media regarding organic agriculture, has a Presidential demonstration farm in Baralegi; one of 3. Other Presidents often tour there. He promotes coffee and other cash crops much of which is exported.

Uganda has 400,000 internationally certified organic farmers - Amfri farms 15,000 acres; every kilo of bio dynamic product stores 32 kilos of CO2. Amfri farm made 1/2 million last year - we propose a trial to see they can do 10% better or more after a 90 day use of our solutions.

Kahangi estate teaches Africans organic farming. See Kilimohai.org

1.7 million coffee farmers in Uganda. See p'kwi in Uganda. Uganda has largest population of coffee farmers in the world. Uganda gumutindo - 7,000 farmer coffee cooperative. Kbinge coffee farmers. Uganda's President launched model organic farm - President Museveni appointed professor as the director with 30 years as a soil specialist with an emphasis on soil microbes for optimal farm eco system health. Uganda is 5th largest sesame producer.

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