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074 Tree Trinity - our top 3?

Pakistan set the bar with 1 billion trees with 40 native species in 4 years and 10 more planned in 5. Tree chain network plans planting 11 billion in 11 years using a distributed ledger to link reforestation scientists and share the data base of how best to reforest the earth. Soilsecrets.com uses Sandia Labs and Los Alamos Labs atomic and molecular precision to take the guesswork out of soil science, carbon sequestration, reforestation and agroforestry. Will this trinity form a working relationship for the accelerated social good the world must have to reverse the world climate down trends.

Shubhendu Sharmas Afforestt company will plant a custom native trees maintenance free 300 multi storied micro urban forest farm for less than the price of a cell phone. Water & weeding required for the first 3 years.

An evolution of the Miyawaki method whose designer planted 40 million trees and win the blue planet prize in 2006.


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