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071 Living Carbon Olympics

$1 million to whoever makes the most bioactive carbon matrix with the least amount of time and capital with the longest lifespan and the greatest number of applications. The winner must exceed the carbon storage benchmarks verified by the USDA, achieved by soilsecrets.com with perhaps the worst soil on record and agree to soilsecrets.com licensing the process. After applications, including permafrost carbon sequestration and tipping point tech to quickly, at significant scale, convert ecosystem carbon sources to carbon sinks. The licensee of the winning tech may, within one year, apply the winning technology in the top 13 countries showing the most dedication to reversing climate change by large scale action plans including, agroforestry, native plant species protection, local ownership, governance and blockchain data base management which may include tokenization, drone reforestation, satellite monitoring and fair trade collectives for growers integration.


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