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067 The Coolest Carbon Challenge

Permafrostcarbon.org is a multimillion dollar study of artic change led by University of Alaska Fairbanks and joined by Northern Arizona University. Since 2011, 300 scientists in 17 countries. Few proposed solutions to stop the permafrost from emitting carbon exist, if any, and action plans for Pakistan are what we are privileged to create due to our new advisory role to Pakistan's 10 billion tree reforestation, in 5 years, plan; which is needed to stop their 6,000 glaciers and permafrost from irreversibly melting. Since the artic melt rate is twice that of any other climatic zone and permafrost is 24% of the earth's land; some estimate its permafrost carbon cycle - a sub cycle of the globes - must start to change in 3-6 years; preventative medicine is best; lest melt rates could go exponential; as would the degree of solution difficulty. Unlike the Pleistocene Park approach; we'll focus on microbes - not mammoths - and the permafrost carbon matrix which needs to be quantified quickly with - to scale - applications after we gain a consensus on a game plan highly verified on a small scale in multiple locales. The coolest a team and we seek any kind of reasonable input and assistance.

The polar regions are warming 3 times faster than the global average.

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