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054 Archaea and Climate Change Solutions

Author Eddy Taylor

Archaea climate switch-climate affects everything on our sky / water earth planet and everything affects it. There is no single switch that we can learn and activate for climate safety. The Archaea army out numbers the stars and grains of sand. With 25,000 species cataloged and a population beyond zillions and octillions these are real numbers the PHD microbiologist Carl Oppenheimer of the century and archaea discover, called the archaea organism the 6th Kingdom.

These unicellular organisms are .05 micron is largest and smallest is .005 micron in diameter and with each cell multiplying every twenty minutes. These was cataloged and harnessed for bio-remediation of any organic compound or organic deposit and harnessed for large scale bioremediation by the real discoverer of Archaea Dr. Carl Oppenheimer, who introduced into modern microbiology the idea of bioremediation.

Using his PHD know how, from physics, chemistry, hydrology, meteorology, agronomy and electro-physics (as a minimum) he revealed Archaea as having no DNA and re-mediated radioactive water for a nuclear facility. He drank some in front of the reactor manager for good measure.

Archaea were the first climate, theoreticians and engineers, who converted any organic compound to any other organic compound and compute as doing what it would take to do what is needed. By taking a ball of molten metal, methane, and carbon, which was the earth starting 5 billion years ago. They staged the platform for all organism classes to have their day and era, be it Jurassic to Pleistocene. They are likely the largest untapped data base and army of engineers that can cycle anything on the periodical table chart while being in symbiosis these microbes are not bacterial fungi or viral yet they can coordinate any of these kingdoms.

Being the ultimate universal socialite ambassador and entrepreneurs,  Archaea turned tons of oil spilled off the coast of Japan into seafood for all the ocean inhabitants in 12 hours. Oppenheimer put twenty five lbs of Archaea, which was a custom blend for each kind of oil spill with the exponential growth rate of one cell reproducing every twenty minutes, which went on auto-pilot.

His made a oasis business plan was for a project which was originally intended to be to collect all he garbage in the United States of the dust bowl affected areas. Then use the Archaea to turn that garbage into a compost to be used by the farmers. He wanted it to be a government sponsored to transfer all the garbage to this central location and now separation required. His Oasis business plan could with archaea could work with up to 300000 size people.

John Evans, the Alaska giant attained Guinness book of world records for cash crops yield and nutrient density using archaea and other approaches. Archaea was essential to John Evans to winning 9 Guinness book of world records for largest and most nutrition's vegetables including a 22 lb carrot, 35 lb broccoli and 45 red cabbage. Worlds record for corn with highest sugar and nutrient content (brix) with the stalk of corn with seven ears and each ear was 11 inches in length. Archaea could be a super nutrient for any plant or forest reforestation in any climate.

See the Pleistocene Park site and you will see where Archaea, ubiquitous to Siberia soils, flora and fauna could possibly amend the temperature of the hottest point of climate flux in the coolest city. This city’s Yakutsk in eastern Siberia average temperature is 50 below zero. Which is home to a permafrost underground laboratory.

We’re drafting a letter 4/7/19 to the Pleistocene Park director, SoilCQuest, Australia director, ditto. Go to Guy Webbs's website https://www.soilcquest.org.au/.

His goal is the army of the world of three billion farmers collectively sequestering carbon by about 800 gigatons. Safe climate global village heroes all; let's collaborate while we may. A 1% Carbon increase could increase crop yields 30-50%.

Guy Webb's team says their system, including a natural melanised mycohrhyzae product may affordably increase carbon 10% a year. A 1-2% carbon increase could increase plant available water 50%. A potted plant study showed 17% carbon increase in 14 weeks.

Shop and compare, See Ormus mineral supplements for plants and trees at http://ormusforplants.com/Ormus-For-Plants-MicroFlora-Stimulant-and-Plants-Usage.html, MycorrPlus at https://ag-usa.net/, http://soilsecrets.com/ https://www.hydro-enhance.com/, https://www.sea-crop.com/  and koala from https://vancouverislandormus.net/. See carbon etc claims, stats, price and global shipping capability.

We seek soil savants to fast track a safe climate by drawing down and keeping the gigatons of environmental, social and financial change. To the extent we nourish and restore the earth so will it do for us.

Adding https://www.soilcquest.org.au/. carbon enhance product to the FMNR (Farmer Managed Natural Regeneration) system, which grew 240 million trees at virtually no cost, is an example of the aggregate solutions that’s draw down's author says is needed to make the needed global carbon solutions make the collective difference.

After mentioning radioactive water remediation; Archaea was proven to re-mediate fly ash which is the remains of burning anthracite coal for electrical power with concentrates of mercury and nuclear radiation.

It’s up to 95 % toxic carbon; yet the gigaton mountains of it,
part of which is in every country, could be gigatons of living carbon in record time.

Federal nuclear waste facilities that sustained rural communities like the Vermont Yankee power plant that once made 6 figure incomes for employees, like plants from CA. to FL. could find Archaea makes atoms for peace like president Eisenhower promised.

The three mile island plant, the Indian point power plant in NY, San Diego's Onofre nuclear plant and the Crystal River plant in Florida and Nevada's Yucca Mountain are classic examples; see nuclear plant closures send towns into crisis,7/27/17 and realize this is a global trend and Fukushima awaits an army of bioengineers and bioneers.

Landfills of the world's largest cities could potentially be gold mines along with the millions of abandoned mines through the world; completely detoxed and recycled and harnessed for electrical power; since archaea are electron transfer beings.

www.kiverdi.com has 50 patents on one archaea species, that lives in volcanoes, to make full spectrum amino acids, proteins, oils and fats with very little space or water, bypassing the plant kingdom.

The archaea kingdom could make 1 tree worth 3 for the world's reforestation efforts like Pakistan that planted 1 billion trees, 40 non GMO native trees and turkey that planted 2 billion trees. The archaea is a 5 billion year old passport to a green safe abundant world it awaits.

Archaea could be the key to the ultra-carbon rich Amazon terra preta soil which, allegedly, grows back after excavation; which no biochar company has proven they can duplicate, since its Terra pretax modern day discovery in the 90's.

And Archaea bio tech system could bypass all pyrolysis in the biochar process from the Nano to the macro scale.

Carl Oppenhiemer said most soils need two thirds RNA archaea and the remaining third split equally between bacteria and fungi. The final thing is to add the Ormus Minerals to feed this whole cycle.

The Park manager oversees 6 square miles, 8,000 acres. It’s being proposed that Archaea could, using Khazakastan's new super city Astana refuse stream, could be recycled and then power, and feed the entire metropolis.

Also see more info

The 'Dark Matter' of the Microbial World
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The Kiverdi process recycles carbon dioxide into high-value oils, proteins and bio-based products.

www.electrochaea.com Using a conversion process known as “power-to-gas”, Electrochaea has developed a commercially viable and disruptive solution for utility-scale energy storage, grid balancing, and carbon reuse.

This has been put together by Eddy Taylor and Ray Hamilton and Gunner Keel much more available information at these two websites.


for archaea and http://www.ormusminerals.com/

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