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053 The Mammoth Promise of Siberian Archaea

To help balance the worlds hotspots climate crisis in the coldest city.

Sergey & Nikita, congratulations on your endeavors since 1998 in creating your 6 square mile reserve known as Pleistoncene Park. We propose an inexpensive trial based on the archaea microbial kingdom, at home in all climates for 5 billion years, to compliment your goals.

Archaea could be cultured and selected for optimal benefits and proliferated all within months before the 2-20 years being projected by geneticists to revive the wooly bully and other ancient flora and fauna of the Pleistoncene era.

Search the web for archaeal communities of arctic methane in permafrost. This is one of many scientific references archaea may be the original arctic natives predating all lifeforms on earth 5 billion years is pre all biota.

Archeal  intestinal culture of clone candidates of the horses, Buffalo, reindeer and musk ox they already have, will import or will clonal resurrect species like the wooly mammoth. Archaea could recycle all the refuse from the Pleistocene Park.

We have spoken with the Icelandic director of the arcticportal.org about archaeal climate solutions as as a representative of hundreds of esteemed microbiologists and soil ecologists he was receptive to archaeal research in general.

Round out the bio-diverse population; the combination of which could create myriad advancements for their mission and all with minimal time and cost.



Archaea is in every plant genome and could possibly help every genome in Siberia.

Great challenge for the ultimate cold compost paradigm they can try artic soil to compost all bio refuse of the compound.

Thermokarst lakes could be inoculated with Archaea after they have assurance of their value on a small scale methane, carbon, mercury ,bacteria, mitigation. Carl Oppenhimer PHD Archaea discover said that archaea could be programmed or cultured to resolve any man made mistake.


Transformation-full spectrum biome options for the soil, plants, animals, water, atmospheric, closed loop and their own health from archaea most native to their eco glacial roots.

See Mary Anne Liebert, 2/11/19, metogenic archaea in Siberia and on mars.

See bio geochemistry of metogenic Siberian permafrost Archaea in permafrost lake basins. Carl Oppenheimer said new species could be cultured and programmed to do anything. www.Climatecolab.org  is archaea informed and we could send info to them, Lund University in Slovenia did a stellar soil Archaea research study in 2018. Lead researchers and any relevant party a copy of our document.

Huade  Soong's solution for permafrost thawing at www.climatecolab.org .

Could benefit from archaea applications; He has a good overview of preventing the 60 trillion dollars in losses from the permafrost powder keg. If he's right he may have a major part of the permafrost problem by preventing 60 trillion in losses from the permafrost powder keg.

Archaea may outnumber all 5 trillion trillion planetary bacteria and be key to a future climate as they were to the climate past and its very origin.

The microbial global trinity is bacteria, fungi and archaea; perhaps the planets first, oldest and wisest life forms.

There is ample evidence that the Archaea is in the Siberian ego system in everything including the grass genomes, to any plant or animal from ancient to modern times.

M.smithi archaea most common in human gut flora and deemed essential to optimum digestion they're methane and hydrogen catalysts.

Finding the most symbiotic and catalytic archaea for a productive modern taiga grassland could be pivotal, as our premise is; they are the long hidden keystone species of all living kingdoms.

Reflecting how other seemingly impossible trends may be reversed. Submarine soil, hydro thermal vent, glacial and volcanic archaea are in uncountable numbers Pole to pole and no one knows the limits of their genetic diversity.

Archaea may stop the relatively new fungal, bacterial, viral pathogens that may extinct coffee, cocoa, hemp, barley, baobab, neem, moringa the redwoods and any plant. It’s conceivable the forests and peat bogs in any climate could be far greater carbon sinks instead of sources.

This has been put together by Eddy Taylor and Ray Hamilton, Gunner Keel much more available information at these two websites.

and http://www.ormusminerals.com/

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