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051 Protect Yourself from Harmful Stress-inducing Electrosmog

Protect Yourself from Harmful Stress-inducing Electrosmog

by Dan Stachofsky

It is said we’re living in a sea of invisible radio frequency electromagnetic fields (EMF) and radiation (EMR), commonly referred to as electrosmog.  Electrosmog wreaks havoc on all biological systems—people, plants and animals - causing wide-ranging stress induced symptoms.  Many people are working hard to take control of their health by eating well, moving well and thinking well, however, the environment we now live is increasingly toxic to our health.  Studies show EMF at ranges similar to cell phones can cause cancer. 

Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, health pioneer and Medical Director at the Sophia Health Institute stated recently that “There is clinical proof that some cases of MS, ALS, Alzheimer’s, ASD, Fibromyalgia, autoimmunity, cancer and other chronic diseases will likely never get better unless patients create a low-EMF environment at home.”

At this that Dr. Jeffrey Scholm, PhD Head, Immunotherapeutics Group, Centre for Cancer Research, USA, states that “Our immune system is massively underrated as an instrument of good health.  It is severely hampered by the environment we have created,” and you may be left feeling a loss of hope. 

My oldest daughter Jane has a primary immune deficiency and other complex medical needs, and she inspires me to look for technology that can change the game we’re playing so she can be free from the medications she requires and live a healthy, normal life.  With this inspiration, I found a technology that changes the environment we live in and reduces the affect that EMF stress has on our immune system.  Without the stress from EMF, the immune system is free to produce its natural healing response and bring balance back to the body.  In addition, the oxygen saturation and ion levels are balanced producing a wide-range of benefits.

In speaking with Eddy Taylor we realize the importance of this technology on all of humanity. I’m launching the EMF Wellness Project to make this technology available to everyone in the world.  Today you can purchase this technology from my website at https://essentiale.co.  Start with the pendant to reduce the EMF stress and as you feel the difference consider taking the next step to add the LightTower to your health and wellness toolkit.  The LightTower product line helps balance severe chronic dis-ease within the body, structures water and more.

There is growing, peer-reviewed evidence linking EMR to dis-eases such as cancer, neurological disorders, and weakened immune systems in animals and people.

Whether we’re looking at people, plants or animals, the stress from EMF placed on our biology causes disharmony and dis-ease, leading to an increased risk of health issues and medical costs.

Society, government and big tech are steamrolling towards evermore increasing technology, including the 5th Generation wireless technology, smart meters and the “internet of things”—which are all shown to have serious health risks—but we don’t have to be victims of electrosmog, and we can avoid the danger.  With the technology found in our products, there is a way of escape for all of us and your pets!

A 2018 and early 2019, a study is underway with a BioFeedback specialist in Spokane, WA using a SCIO Biofeedback machine to provide quantifiable data that the Essential Energy products reduce EMF stress in people.  Initial findings are extremely encouraging with all subjects seeing a significant reduction in stress from EMF.  This finding shows the Essential Energy products are effective in protecting people from the stress caused by EMFs, thereby providing a tool for people in the fight against electromagnetic radiation and a path to take back control of their health and wellness.

Dan Stachofsky lives in Spokane and is the owner of Essential Energy Solutions, selling products that allow you to thrive in a disruptive energy world.  For more information, call Dan Stachofsky at 509-850-0057 or dan@essentialenergy.solutions.

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