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050 Tibetan plateau-the world’s largest man made forest and only permafrost solution so far.

A 2017 nature geoscience satellite analysis showed significant permafrost carbon emissions off set; perhaps the coolest victory in humanity's most heated challenge for a safe climate.

China's new forest the size of Ireland 6 million hectares will planted in Hebei Province and inner part of Mongolia in 2019. The population has increased 4 times and livestock 6.over grazing and farming have turned vast tracts into desert. By 2000 Doulon country was 87% desert. After 200,000 acres of pines were planted; 31% was reforested.

The communist party aims to plant 88 million trees in a coast to coast 3,000 mile belt, up to 900 miles wide in some places.

Cal Shixiong, a Minzu Professor who worked with the project 20 years claims 87% of all trees planted have died. China has the largest scale forestry and claims some projects have paid residents to forest and grow new industries. Much evidence shows 600,000 Mongolian farmers and herders were forced off their land and billions of nonnative trees were monocultures.

Multibillion Elion resources group, a private forest station contractor claims they reversed desert expansion by transforming the eco ecosystem after increasing rain from 29 millimeters to 70 after 29 years of work.

Censorship and other policies may never reveal the entire story yet there’s a lot of positive data other nations may use; see the Tibetan plateau reforestation story soon to be posted on this site as one of many examples.

The plateau is 3 miles above sea level, spans 1.6 million acres and supplies water from 2,700 glaciers and 10 major rivers located between China and Russia. In the 90's, Nagqu city offered $115,000 to anyone who could plant 1 tree surviving, cold, dry winds and sandstorms.

In 2015 temperatures rose 4 times faster than anywhere in Asia. After decades of relentless trials in one of the world's most desolate and isolated ecosystems; tree cover went from 7.2% of the land to 75%.

Wing Chi, the Xining forestry administrator, scanned the nation for 20 native varieties with the most hardiness. Climate warming in some areas allows trees to grow 3-5 times faster. 92000 hectares were planted: an area the size of France.

Since Tibet's takeover the plateau is one of China's 12 districts.

China's Saibhana forest is 92,000 hectares and all seedlings died the first two years Wo Zhang is the forestry director there.

Ma Keping, a botanist for the ministry of forestry directed planting 150,000 trees with 16 native varieties averaging 32 tons of above ground carbon storage, doubling monoculture rates with far greater chances the forest thrives and attracts many new eco systems such as, bees, birds mammals etc. 47% of the Carbon was the trunks and branches.

A global above and below ground carbon storage solutions contest, sponsored by any NGO, government and or celebrities or philanthropists could enable the world's two billion farmers to feed the next 2 billion people, stop soil wealth loss, heal the climate and upgrade their income.

Soilsecrets.com may be the likely prize winner with USDA documentation of top soil down to 18 inches after 12 years staring with toxic caliche, New Mexico desert soil starting with zero organic carbon.

https://www.soilcquest.org.au/ claims to have increased carbon 17 % in 14 weeks on a scale of 20 potted plants see www.consciencefarmer.com. With the latest claim being a 40% of carbon. Meanwhile, soilcarbon.com flagship Terra pro is shovel ready after 40 years of carbon matrix and reforestation development.

Imagine China, Pakistan, Turkey and the Amazon reforestation initiatives like Eden reforestation using such an unsung soil science wealth. A drone seed inoculant could warp speed the new frontier like no other with Paul Hawkins and https://thecarbonunderground.org/ discovering this.

Charlie Sunday's nutrition coalition DR. Willard's water ultimate dark formula is another half century or so legacy waiting for the right marketing team to share their Ag science with the world.

Essential energy. Solution founder Dan Stachofsky is ready to go public with stats showing their Nicola Tesla no EMF tech has grown trees that grow 1 foot a year to 10 feet in 1 year with 3-5 times the germination rate. Tsunami agroforestry tomatoes anyone.

Dan Stachofsky from https://essentiale.co/ He wants to add his NT (Nicola Tesla field program that creates super trees, crops and livestock covering 300 acres with a three mile radius. and https://www.soilcquest.org.au/ will be guests on sovereign hero radio airing 4/20 on amfm247com.go to our shows on the user interface. http://amfm247podcast.info/admin/category/the-sovereign-hero/

Tony Rinaudo the forest maker wants to take his agro reforestation to 100 countries; can you share the message?

www.Soilsecrets.com added 235,000 pounds of living carbon to desert soil that started with zero carbon companies like https://www.desertcontrol.com/ and groasis may want to consider using such 2.0 climate science.

Trees are purveyors of water and oxygen, consumers of carbon, treasure house of species; we call for worldwide restoration reforestation nations.

Mini article-new England 80% reforested from 30% in 1800's as William David Thoreau thought impossible.

Mini article also on new Carbon economy growth rate could match or surpass the global fossil fuel addiction.

Five 3rd pole national parks are planned to increase eco-tourism profit five times for local residents. The scope and attractiveness of the first three have increased Tibetan tourism astronomically.

Soilsecrets.com has a world famous New Mexico arboretum and a world record for soil carbon storage validated by the USDA.

Other resources to check out. eng.tibet.cn and pri.org.

Threshold is a public radio show on safe climate solutions quest, hosted by Montana Public radio.mtpr.org



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