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049 Climate Health and the Gentle  Tesla Rife Army

Nikola Tesla lit the world at the turn the century at the Chicago world’s fair by bringing modern lighting. Tesla motors is far more known than its name sake.

The 5G space petition shows Tesla motors owner and other famous people want the world surrounded by 200,000 satellites blanketing the world with 5G-20G aulterra.com, providing EMF safe, affordable tech for protection from cell phones, smart meters, computers and the wiring in your home, office and school shares proof the detrimental side that some EMF erodes the DNA hydrogen bond and the stability of the oxygen molecule in land, sea and air.  Dr. Martin Pall at Washington State University validated the effect of EMF on the voltage gated calcium channels (VGCC).

The environmentaltrust.org shows how the globes electronically altered atmosphere is on a par with Fukashima, and many other reactors, damaging land, sea and air along with 800 gigatons of co2, methane and other compounds that don’t belong there.

Nikolas global village of instant free energy and communications using the earth, sea and air as a super conductor with 100% bio safety and no dissipation could have happened a hundred years ago. I discovered that Tesla privately maintained that the primary purpose of his science was to broadcast a benign global field of bio electricity that would revive and uplift all living things.

EMF disrupts communications at the sub-atomic level. Since plants are photosynthesis machines they are particularly susceptible. Emf causes out of sync interference between photons effecting germination, grow metabolism, sap flow, photosynthesis, and every cell of every plant. Bio-photons tell each cell what to do, at any time and place.

Electro-magnetic sun frequencies are essential to earth life. The human radio frequencies are far greater then the sun, lightning and space signals. Special thanks to Kattie Haggerty, international journal of forestry research.


Teslas promise has returned multifold with these companies, qbank.global, formerly StealthGrid.com with an EMF cellphone neutralizer, and more, in May, sans monthly provider bill, beyond military grade encryption, privacy and data monetization you may never see from Apple, Samsung, Facebook, Skype, whatsapp and the Dimora phone.

Essentialenergy.solutions, after 35 years of Tesla, Fritz Popp PHD bio-photon and ion r&d is growing trees 10 feet in 1 year that usually grow just 9 inches according to the Department of Agriculture. The results span area up to 300 miles across, neutralizing detrimental frequencies of most kinds, possibly unshackling the life force of entire ecosystems and turning disruptive energy into Tesla’s dream of beneficial energy. Learn more about the amazing science behind biophotons at wakeup-world.com and feelguide.com.

Hoop Pine treated with Essential Energy Power Conditioner Hoop Pine experiencing exponential growth.

The tree transformation took place in urban areas across Australia. Thousands of trees of other varieties also experienced super enhanced growth. The Hoop pine tree (Araucaria Cunninghami) was the most responsive tree, some of which grew 30 feet in one year.  The annual growth is measured by the distance between branches.

This growth was done in a balanced manner with the height and width of the tree including tree leaves and branches. The purity of the Coomera river profoundly upgraded with a much higher oxygen content, pushing out the toxic Cane Frog and bringing back life.

Close to the trees using this technology in Australia they found that the sap of all the plants flowed more efficiently.

The feed corn grown for a dairy farm. They historically received 1 years worth of feed from their field. This year the head of operations said the corn grew to 11-12 feet (historically only 7 feet tall) and will produce enough feed to last the same dairy farm nearly 3 years of feed.

Feed corn midway through 2019 grow season.
Feed corn midway through 2019 grow season.

One acre of Kenaf sequesters as much as 8 acres of pine trees, and more carbon then any other tree. Properly managed one acre of Kenaf could store as much as 10-20 tons of carbon. See MichaelElly.com, chenvra.org, rowlandgreenfields.com, aubios.us, ministryofhemp.com, rxleaf.com. The Nicola Tesla field program could reinvent, Kenaf, Hemp, cannabis, and potentially any other plant. The effect in Australia was demonstrated on an 80-mile radius, and in some cases stretching 350 miles. The project was started in 2013. Non beneficial insects tend to be repelled by the frequencies and beneficial insects and microbes seem to thrive on these frequencies.

Do cattle sense good energy versus bad energy in their water? During a drought season, we treated a water line going to one trough. Cattle were seen walking 2.5 kms past other water troughs to drink from the treated water.

Biophysicist Fritz-Alfred Popp, showed coherent light is a DNA and cell health metric with all cells storing bio-photons in a body of light communication network, particularly around DNA. He found that the benzo pyrene cancer producing molecule absorbs UV light and scrambles the original frequencies, and as all other carcinogenic compounds.

Photo repair, relatively unused and undisputed, shows that after bathing a cell in UV light, so that 99% of the cell and the DNA is destroyed; it is almost repaired in one day, by treating it with the same wavelength at a much lower intensity. It may not be completely understood, yet: what is?

Light in the Human Body feeds the mitochondria. Johnathan Roseland says over 1 quadrillion mitochondria, the ancient bacterial engines in each human cell are the origin of cellular light pulses lasting one quadrillionth of a second. Most cells contain 1,000 to 2,000 mitochondria. The brain, heart and retina cells contain 10,000 each.

References see Scott.net, zixra.org, zoeferris.com blogspot.com and jackkruse.com

The Essential Energy products restore balanced ions and stable oxygen leading to increased sap flows.

We want qualified users to experience a Genesis biosphere with a money back trial for up to 120 days. More theory and validation is not as important to us currently.

We don’t require any changes to existing crop management protocols.  Specific applications tailored to each field and location. No device from essentialenergy.solutions requires electricity or a power source making it ideal for remote areas and existing agriculture settings.

Contact us about lease arrangements, which allow us to provide updated devices in the future. We are growing a team of responsible representatives, distributors and marketers.

In 2019 we should see soc (soil organic carbon sequestration) and brix refractometer analysis of all sugars, minerals and nutrient upgrades in all food crops growing in the field. Water retention, glomalin, fulvic acid, bacterial, fungal and archaea colony symbiosis, Carbon matrix super accelerating with minimum time and cost are confidently anticipated and how the field may compliment other historic soil amendments like those made be the New Mexico trees that please arboretum and the promise of MEF from soilcquest.australia.org.

The CEO of Essential Energy was interviewed on Sovereign Hero radio for 30 minutes. It will be archived on April 21, 2019 on AMFM247.com; go to Our Shows on the menu and search for the Sovereign Hero Radio podcast.

One new team member is linked to and independent ND inventor of another Tesla Rife Ag technology. These energy tubes have consistently produced six to twelve, bio-nutrient rich ears of corn on most stalks while doubling seed germination, with similar benefits on other plants.

Energy tubes tend to make plants freeze resistant.where tree and picture is;add the hoop pine tree, species Araucanian Cunninghami on an Australian farm.

PHD agronomists in Mexico and Europe have recognized and awarded the inventor for his discovery which took place in the year 2000. A major Mexican governmental contract with Monsanto to plant GMO seeds on three million acres was overturned by a judge when the grower discovered this non toxic affordable technology. The field could reach over a 1,000 miles. In May, a cell app linked to the world’s ley lines will neutralize entire cell phone towers anywhere instantly for a monthly fee without dissipating communication functions.

Some scientists surmise these field technologies restore the health of the communication lines of the earth itself.  Some refer to these as Ley lines.  Ley lines were discovered by Charles Watkins in 1929. They were validated in modern times by Bruce Kathie a New Zealand naval intelligence officer, commercial airline pilot, mathematician, and a Geo physicist.

Skycoin.net's skyminer is decentralizing the web with a possible solar powered unit from solar bankers.com yet they show no awareness of how their devices may enable frequencies that may more than hamper all life.

All these companies with solutions in this articles have archived interviews on sovereign hero radio at amfm247.com. See our shows on the user interface and see sovereign hero radio covering other issues from climate change to crypto and primary water works .org. http://amfm247podcast.info/admin/category/the-sovereign-hero/

Nikola Tesla life field may optimize all personal and eco system functions from Ormus supplements-see Ormus minerals at http://fifthstateelements.com/ to any organic supplements for any, soil, plants or climatic zone from Tucson to Tibet.

Our evolving business model allows for Partners with 2-5 Beta Sites to receive 3 year preferred pricing. Sites with R&D and strong analytical capabilities preferred.

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