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048 Biolight Inspired Forests and Farms May Tip Climate Scale

New Biolight inspired forests and farms may restore world climate. www.4p1000.org is the largest global carbon farming effort. Their goal is increasing soil carbon by 0.4 % per year. Soils can have up to 5% carbon by weight. We suggest that using our technology would allow them to reach their goal much faster.

In 2016, carbon farming methods improved yields on hundreds of millions of hectares of the world's 5 billion. We’re in touch with Troy Webb's soil c quest.austrailia.org about his MEF super soil carbon method he wants to share with the world's farmers and the forest maker, Tony Rinaudo with FMNR in east Africa who wants his carbon solutions used in 100 nations by 2030. See https://5gcrisis.com/

Growing plants inject carbon in the soil feeding mycorrhizae. Every square meter of healthy soil has 12,000 miles of microscopic hyphae filament; a term used for lighting ironically.

Optimum photo synthesis, soil and plant carbon sequestration is dependent on ideal light intensity, frequencies and duration in every cell of every plant.

Tesla, Royal Raymond Rife, Fritz Albert Popp and a bevy of unsung greats have paved the way for this science.

It clears ecosystems, for a radius of miles, neutralizing thousands of those EMF frequencies that interfere with coherent light transmission and absorption affecting all life forms on and in the soil, water and air.

We foresee this light wave science sweeping the earth like Tesla's modern lighting mass adoption at the turn of the century.

With some forest gumption by volunteers and entrepreneurs who see the light.

Geo field science may recreate forestry, reforestation and afforestation in every way to heal climate, communities and transform carbon dynamics for a healthy wealth global carbon economy, see essentialenergy.solutions

For a forestry overview see news. https://www.mongabay.com/ and the trillion tree project.

And the Pakistan tsunami reforestation, Brazil’s muvucca and tree coin.

See how far reaching geo field light science is; search Biophoton plant images and Biophotons regulate aging and telomeres.

The world's soil bank is overdrawn; having lost 50-70% of its carbon from our Fort Knox global topsoil vaults. A 2% increase in the world's largest topsoil could oldest all atmospheric carbon and provide more food with more nutrition to feed the 3 billion new people arriving by 2050. Mass adoption in time, of the new, light based, super-efficient carbon farming could happen in 1 year if the carbon farms listed on wiki would trial this science of growth.

Tesla inspired farms may tip climate scale. 

After wiki reference---the young carbon farmers are visionary enough to catapult us to a global safe carbon economy on their own.

See the article; carbon farming isn't worth it for farmers. Two blockchain companies want to change that.

M.huff.com Biophoton is such a revelation reference since it share exactly what bio photons are. Biontology.com define it too; which do you think is better?

https://www.iumab.org/ is a global network of Biophoton scientist found by Dr. Fritz Albert Popp himself & very enlightening

https://www.iumab.org/ is a masterful illumination of the subject and a superb reference; above all others.

Russian biologist, Alexander Gurwitsch, discovered Biophotons in 1941.

Johnathan Roseland says over 1 quadrillion mitochondria, the ancient bacterial engines in each human cell are the origin of cellular light pulses lasting one quadrillionth of a second. Most cells contain 1,000 to 2,000 mitochondria. Brain, heart and retina cells contain 10,000 each.

The energy currency for the work ,our 70 trillion human cells do ,is the ATP molecule made in each chondriana as the late nuclear physicist and Sumerian scholar, Dr. George Merkl reveals in his in you tube lectures further documented by Bob Nelson's Rex Research.com. Research shows organically grown, non GMO cannabis and hemp are gold mines of ATP and Biophotons.

7th generation forester found dry soil heats up 5 times faster than water. See https://www.alivewater.com/.

Mitochondria is so efficient; 30 ATP molecules are made for each glucose molecule.

The engines of mitochondria are likely archaea; electron transfer microbes .005 microns in diameter and the only organisms that live in nuclear reactors; radio Durans, being one of 25,000 species.

Man made electromagnetic fields have been shown to disrupt the all important mitochondria function, reducing the productivity and leading to reduced growth and plant health.

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