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047 Down Under Climate Carbon Master Solutions

Fungal poly aromatic Carbon is soil sequestered for 1,000's 0f years: as opposed to linear carbon from plant carbohydrates which reverts to co2 on contact with oxygen and water as find by peer reviewed Forbes agronomy team, soil c quest.australia.org. their 40% more organic soil carbon in two months is a user friendly method, soon to be affordably offered to the world's 2 billion small farmers army to feed the future billions while drawing down 880 gigatons of co2 for a global safe and truly smart climate.

www.OrmusForPlants and their ormus azomite Idaho formulator hope to combine soil carbon storage science with minerals for the plants and trees.

Essentialenergy.solutions.  Down under where they've grown trees 10-30 times faster in an 80 mile radius for 6 years in Queensland, Australia and restored the part of the former hypoxic coomara river flowing through that region. Corn that's usually 7 foot tops is 11 feet producing a 3 season supply for cows (historically only produces 1 season supply) with no synthetic materials or protocols. Together we can create the genesis whether.

Melanised mefs, melanised endophytic fungal varieties from desert alpine extreme environments performed the super carbon drawdown alchemy with a spore inoculant that can cost any seed and possibly work for any crop in any climate from corn, hemp or coffee and cocoa. Together we can have safe global whether when pivotal people bring this science to the growers of the revived genesis world.

Troy Webb maintains a canola study shows mef could store 130 tons of carbon per hectare per decade. Imagine using mef with essential energies .solutions with kenaf which may store 10-20 tons of carbon per acre without mef and essentials geo field agro forestry tech.

Jeremy Bradley's paratrooper formula is the first commercial mef product on the market. See the mycorrhizae plus bacteria carbon alchemy stats at soil secrets .com that are USDA verified for the CEO using los Luna's labs electron microscope to advance soil carbon science to the subatomic level.

We turnkey geo carb gold for a golden New earth. 

New-Kings Royal biotech-no tc hemp $30 million Tennessee venture.

Keith Taylor says that the ky China jv will safely grow a giant ky wealth economy from the ground up .krb will provide the no thc super seeds to licensed growers. We will be communicating with the company regarding our Tesla super grow tech and our 2.0 Tesla seed enhancements.

Mixed forests advantages-they get more light, water and nutrients via complimentary canopy, root variegation are richer, faster carbon vaults, more wind, fire and pest resistant are more visually appealing ;self-starting habitats, reviving watersheds ecotourism and multiple economies from beekeeping to cash crop inter cropping and animal husbandry.

Before urbanization & the plow, mechanized farming and synthetic chemicals; agroforestry was the norm in the ancient world of the Mayans, Egyptians and First Nations traditions in general where much of permaculture was originated. Nature farming grows oranges in the alps and blooms deserts with the insight of Sepp Holzer and Geoff Lawton.

Ancient ways and modern science will compliment and go beyond what both have done apart. See EssentialEnergy.Solutions and their potential partnership’s with everything from cannabis to coffee plantations and casinos. Distributorships available.

Green synergies economy & Solar cannabis-suntrac solar drops indoor dehumidifier cannabis costs 40-50 %.these costs are 50% of grower power bills. Lighting is 30%.soliculture's pink solar panels add better yields from the solar light spectrum and power. Both systems may pay for themselves in 1-2 years combined. Add essential energy. Solutions for all round improved yield, nutrient content and increased efficiency and lower costs of all electrical and mechanical systems.

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