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046 GeoField Farming in Idaho

Idaho's agriculture industry is one of the nation's top producers, ranking in the top 10 in 26 different crops and livestock.  Of the 25,700 farms across 11.5 million acres of farmland, only a few are aware that the suppressive impact of non-native electromagnetic radiation, soil mineral loss, and climate crisis, which are preventing peak yields, can be solved easily and benefit this year's crops.

Canyon County in Idaho grows a wide variety of crops and since 2007 is growing a number of new specialty crops, such as rye, millet, lettuce, radishes, turnips and more.  Sugar beets are also a big product in Idaho, and brix numbers are key to their value, yet some indications exist that EMF's may induce lower brix readings causing a financial impact to the farmer.

www.Geofieldfarming.com  and www.OrmusForPlants.com  combine farming 2.0 technology to alleviate both climate crisis and electromagnetic radiation suppression while enhancing soil vitality improving brix readings and plant development.

Together these technologies are changing the farming landscape without fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified solutions.  Instead, we're 100% natural, working with nature to produce environments, biospheres and ecology plants and livestock thrive in.

Dr Wolfgang Volkrodt, German engineer, has shown a correlation between microwave smog and forest damage (link to article) and the magazine Popular Science published an article in 2010 titled Wi-Fi Radiation is Killing Trees, New Study Finds.  The evidence is in, but so is the solution.

In Australia, the Hoop Pine is said by the Dept of Agriculture to grow a reliable 9-12" per year, but with the Geofield Farming system, these trees in urban environments are seeing year over year growth between 6-10 feet, and some years as high as 30 feet. This is an answer to reforestation efforts in Idaho made by Stimson lumber and others.  Forests can regrow essential canopy and timber reserves with biotech based on light science.  Improve light, improve plant health.

In the United States, Archaea provided by Ormus Minerals www.OrmusForPlant.com has been proven to triple the growth rate, decrease seed germination time by 2/3, reduce transplant shock, produce more blooms and increase crop yield.

Combining the climate change and electromagnetic radiation reducing benefits of Geofield farming with Ormus Minerals provides your farm with essential life forces to improve yields, nutrient density and health. 

Call Eddy Taylor 281-210-8245 or Ray Hamilton for the minerals at 208-859-4546 or Dan Stachofsky at 509-850-0557 today to learn more.



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