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043 Hemps Climate Adaptation Genius

Hemps climate adaptation genius rivals wheat, corn, rice and soy---15,000 years ago hemp may have originated in Siberias.

Since the 60's much of land race heirloom varieties are a good reflection, yet a stepdown from native legacy seed was bred on in a monoculture, myopic quest for THC and now CBD. Dr Raphael Mechoullom in Israel and Dr. Roger Boger, of Kannaway game may both readily concur.

50,000 new applications for hemp can. Nay be found in 5 years with a.i., big data and machine learning with even wiser contributions from Fred delisio worked 45 years to recover land race genetics from many countries.50, 000 real world applications are already awaiting green lights beyond corporate government agendas.

We will share the geofield farming.com hemp can. New strain and applications with leaders in California, Canada, Colorado, Kentucky, Uruguay, the accelerator Carbon drawdown nations and more in short time after North America becomes a torch bearer for biophotonic light science that's literally one for all and all for one unlike any unified field theory or application the world has seen since lemuria of yore.

So here's a positive spin on a no fear nibururian impact on the climate crisis the NY time so elegant describes yet poses little hope.

Join the light party harnessing the wheel works of nature and dare to do more than your share for plants, people, planet, and truly green profits.

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