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042 Geofield Light Force May Upgrade Spirulina’s Potential

Geofield Light Force May Upgrade Spirulina’s Potential

It's an honor to trial a proposal for geofield’s light mastery to improve the yield and quality of a Mayan legacy food for the world.

We may invite earthrise.com and or other Northern American and Hawaiian pioneers to join the bio pho tonic light party.

Their 108 acre Sonoran farm is the largest, pure, safe and FDA, HACCP compliant Spirulina production farm with significant carbon drawdown and a world class protein and nutraceuticals food source to rival any meat production not to mention its's small carbon footprint.

Naturally, small scale trials in various locales will be the first way any Spirulina leader would test the bio photonic water as Spirulina has in many ways for millennia.

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