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038 Recoding a Geo Eco Systems quorum by 2020

We're best estimating, as geofieldfarming.com tech's applied, unified field, biofield - bio economies log to awaken the vast climate smart potential of any community in North America. 6/10/19 should see the first geofield cell activated on 5,000 acres in California with ample 3rd party proof well before July 4th. By then we could have installs from New York, Ohio, Florida, Alaska and Michoacan; the last 3 of which could be 500 miles refundable trials and are officially in negotiations today. details are on a need to know basis and we're ready to disclose for those who verify they earn our trust.

Endangered by new life sciences, entrepreneurs and or philanthropists; 1,000 living lab geofield installations by 2020 for North American rural, urban and rural-urban hybrids should be more than enough variegated data sets to spark the bio current revolution that ac lighting was a mighty yet tiny predecessor given that emf downsides were not mass adopted by 8 billion users in the form of cellulars alone.

We light this biophotonic systems engineering self learning code as a global template to be personalized on other continents when our CEO feels we have the distributor and manufacturing infrastructure to match the real world geo political agendas bad solely on misunderstanding geo harmonics require no artificial polarity and are user friendly for a common wealth to make wealth common where all can earn nobelesse oblige.

New market media proposals arrive daily as the geo director shifts to see whats next and pragmatically best for faster, grounded super growth with new participants ready to resonate with geo's many premises and inferred promises. the real 2020 campaign platform and promises will be manifest by virtually any will to see and hear a plan that respects all nature's boarders and elegantly supersedes them. Get thee a passport of understanding

a balanced hyper growth trajectory is a dialogue between the Fibonacci and the golden mean harmonics to suit universal basics and higher needs allowing the vast mjority to do so. 33 undiscovered, dedicated geonauts

distributors could far exceed the goals envisioned here. The more however judiciously you wait the less you'll create.

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