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037 Viral Chestnut revival

The American chestnut tree once covered 200 million acres from Mississippi to Maine when one in four trees was a chestnut. some were 100 feet tall with 7 foot doameter trunks. Many 19th century homes, fence posts, railroad ties, utility poles and ships were made with strong, rot resistant chesnut a single tree could feed a family of four for a year. First Nations used this tree foro thoughsands of years and the European newcomers mass adopted it

in 1904 a blight felled 3 billion in 50 years. since 1983, the American and now asks the U.S.D.A to evaluate their crispr which may create more problems than solutions in the long run. regardless, geofieldfarming.com can lend its super tree science, proven for 34 years to KY, MD, NC, NJ and and other states to their test plots.

Replacing some crops with trees can grow the same calories per acre as wheat, while storing carbon, protecting from the rain and wind with 6 million calories per acre with nutrition equaling brown rice says Tamar Haspel. Trees blooming after crops minimize whether based failure annual crops are subject to geofield agro forestry with any best practices can be the safe climate solution if verified and adopted at the scale needed for an earth revival in our generation and groups like bread tree farms could easily see the new forest for the trees.

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