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036 Uruguay World's First Green Lighted Hemp Nation

Redemption of National economies and ecosystems may be hastened more by uncensored hemp cannabis agriculture than any other green initiative like solar, electric vehicles etc.

Chris Conrad.com documents 50,000 uses for and his hemp shield CEO friend, David Sebar found that the Chief United States botanist, Lyster Dewey at the turn of the century had a blueprint for a cannabis hemp American economy revival.

The huge federal cannabis research farm was plowed down and the pentagon was US. policy has curtailed hemp cannabis production in countries from turkey to Uruguay and now Canada a g7 country is the 2nd largest hemp producer worldwide with medicinal cannabis legalized.

An eastern Canadian university has prototyped a hemp replacement for valuable yet costly graphene and the high silicon components in hemp, may surprise America's intel corporation; the world's second largest chip and chipset manufacturer seeking an end run to Moore's law.

Uruguay was the First Nation to legalize recreational cannabis in 2014 and will soon be the first to export it.

50 countries are opening legal doors to hemp cannabis agriculture.

The 26 Caribbean nations $1 billion budget to drawdown co2 with reforestation could do far more by adding hemp for soil organic carbon sequestration amped by geofield farming high frequency light and sound technology.

Registered medicinal marijuana users has multiplied 6 times since 2017. Uruguay has the clearest laws for hemp agriculture.

When geofield distributors are green lighted for marketing outside North America; Uruguay may still be the most enlightened receptor site for mass adopting the geofield resonant ecosystem renaissance to democratize the even greater yields and applications for the many varieties of hemp and cannabis which can be inter cropped with food crops and reforestation.

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