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035 Geofield Business Model

Commercial applications are based on 34 years of in field trials, by dozens of environmental engineers, with hundreds of units in 20 countries, in real world settings.

Geofield tech is the world's only 24/7/365 EMF neutralizer, balancing the ion field while simultaneously broadcasting 100,000 life supporting biophotonic rates for all organic cells, creating true EMF-save zones of ecosystems integrated improvement.

3 Step Process to get up and running within 30 days

  1. No cost consultation
  2. Site visit to propose custom design based on EMF incursion, indoor outdoor grow size, water availability, and building & equipment factors.
  3. Draft a 3-10 year lease agreement with revenue share based on predetermined bench marks exceeding conventional increased yields and quality of any farm products and or biomass.

Delivery occurs within 30 days of signed contract with a $15,000 deposit wired on day of the signed contract.

The user may opt for a 90-120 day full refund written agreement wired the day of returned of units in good condition.

We commit to visit user sites once every 3 months per year with ongoing service.

Leasing allows free trade-ins as we develop improved models to match future energetic developments (10G, 20G, etc).

We're taking orders for installations starting in mid-June.

We only install in North America currently and seek distributors who show they know the basics of how this unified family of science works and the one of a kind easily demonstrable opportunity available for any community.

Finders fees or independent representative agreements are available.

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