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034 Climate Crisis Answer

Nature communications says Paris agreement nations must increase their carbon drawdown to offset permafrost thaw or lose $ 70 trillion farm weather extremes and amplify global warming by 5%.

Aph.gov.au says hemp stores more carbon per acre than any plant. Our Tesla inspired farming; see article with that title, on www.goldenopportunitiesdevelopment.com reporting on trees in a 80 mile radius growing 10-30 feet in the first year that usually grow 1-2 feet, corn yields tripling in 1 season, 20 inch circumference oranges ,seeds sprouting 3-5 times faster and the revival of that part of the Coomara river that flows through it.

Imagine the easily used agroforestry-ecosystem regenerative science being used by the world's top 15 hemp cannabis players. As of 4/24/19, 3-4 companies associated with them have call me to consider doing just that.

A 3,000 acre hemp grow should formalize the use of this tech and start using it by May 21.

We’ll disclose details upon approval by the grower. Our goal is by July 4 th. 13 of the largest, and or, most visionary hemp cannabis growers to discover the magnitude of this personal and planetary healing will be as we enable all farmers to prosper by feeding billions of more people super nutritious food.

Text me at 281 210 8245, on the east coast, if you've read all the related articles on this site and you want to light your part of the world's ecosystem with this solution to compliment and amplify all bio safe science for a healthy wealthy world.

The heritage grain conservancy, using bio diverse heirloom wheat to feed people with empowering brain grains, may discover Tesla inspired ecosystem restoration science may forward their mission mightily as it will prove to do for myriad groups including Carbon underground, Paul Hawkins draw-down following, the Pakistan tsunami reforestation the permafrost Tibetan plateau reforestation and Jamaica's blue mountain reforestation safe climate coalition with 25 nations who could be the tipping point to a safe climate if the mass adopt if our science is mass adopted.

After is 34 years in development, tested privately in 20 countries, spending $11 million on r&d, we're ready to commercially distribute our contribution with the right volunteers, entrepreneurs, nonprofits anywhere, starting with a focus in North America.

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