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033 Geofield Farming

1) Resonant frequency harmonics are key concepts in geo field farming curriculums.

2) Some of our core concepts, are all global harmonics including the solfeggio scale harmonics, mathematically reduce to a 3, 6 or 9; Tesla's favorite sequence.

3) As Tesla motors reports one of its worse quarterly losses; geofield farming, inspired by Nicola Tesla, Royal Raymond rife, Fritz Albert Popp and others is on a sprouting global rise with a compound ROI available for everyone since geo field units catalyses ecosystems from 1 1/2 miles up to a 100 mile radius, or more; a few users are the benefactors for the many within the dynamic sphere of influence. Our Tesla inspired science of growth rivals Tesla's Motors INC which the New York Times, in May, showed has the worst quarterly losses in the company's history and is now is raising two billion dollars. Compare that with the geofield.com and users and distributors opportunities.

4) An organic, planetary, green, social good capitalism is self-evolving in each zone of an activated bio field as fields will intersect and possibly serve as bio field repeater stations.

www.Emfsol.com has cell EMF diagram

www.Oscillatorium.com toxin frequencies



5) Curriculum and other principles of phase, energy, time. Space dynamics affect the self-awareness potential of all people and their harmony or dissonance within themselves and all things.

6) Geo field farming should complement all best practices and safe frequencies science; yet we know of no other tribe of sciences with such outreach scale, ease of use, no need for electrical power, leasable units; improved models traded in for old as tech grows in efficiency.

7) Reference - the Cathie grid & Bruce Cathie's, vimanas, iron, Mercury & light harmonics youtube.com.

8) You may ask; what Tesla inspired safe and smart grid bio power systems are we speaking of that may grow to uplift everything within multi thousand mile range?

9) New references-the harmonic conquest of space & the geometric harmonic of 695 by Bruce Cathie, one of history’s most unique mathematical physicists and pioneers of earth harmonics.

10) 50 pounds of geofield treated, Native American heirloom corn may be trialed and completed by May 20th.

11) Including the original popcorn and 2 other varieties from what many ethno botanists say is the geo graphical origin of all corn.

12) This year, a dairy farm in New South Wales used geofield farming and saw their crop of feed corn nearly triple in yield. The field typically produces one year worth of feed, but early estimates of this years harvest have production at three years worth.

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