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032 Is 5-100G in harmony with cellular and planetary signals?

  1. Geofieldfarming,com tech is; and our results in neutralizing all detrimental emf. From 1.5 to 500 miles with the restoration of the health of the land, plants and people is unequaled. Biophotons increased plant growth by 30% in studies done by Moscows's physics institute's Sergay Mayburov.
  2. The international union for concerned scientists, Aulterra.com, RT, an American based media network, sites ample evidence for 3g disrupting cellular and DNA function to the point of many chronic conditions and all most irreparable loss of DNA integrity.
  3. In 1923, Russian biologist, Alexander Gurwitsch, discovered biophotons, the smallest light particle, stored, emitted and transmitted from DNA in the several billion hertz range where cell phones operate.
  4. The New York Times notes the FCC and the department of commerce and National Aeronautics found 5-25G scrambles satellite signals that predict whether and climate worldwide.

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