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031 The new world beyond the climate, EMF, solar minimum crisis

  1. This article was catalyzed by a 5/22/19, 60 minute conversation with Peter Lindeman, a new energy paradigm, interdisciplinary scientist, journalist and more. See Peter Lindeman - Free energy and look for his forthcoming book; the choice. Our shared world view is nature has more solutions than all problems we have in today's climate; where this months 1,500 page UN report states we are likely to loose 1million different plant and animal species.
  2. This is short of awakening in time to learn it need not be; if a million people, out of 8 billion, choose to be the trim tab that turns the mothership around. Virtually every solution to humanity's 18 sustainable development goals and a few the UN doesn't recognize, be the ionized sky, the solar minimum, detrimental, non native emf and little foot notes like nuclear radiation and gmo everything, including people, radiation, permafrost thaw, surveillance, "smart cities" and a dozen other mega vectors.
  3. Lakhovsky, an engineer who astonished the real Tesla, the Mayans and the most powerful geo political forces in history knew frequencies shape every cell and sun cycles are an integral key to that convenient truth that geo field farming harnesses like no other 10 environmental applied sciences combined. See the bbc youtube; Why the sun has gone to sleep and iceagefarming.com. The million minute men, women, and children need not be fully 1 to 1,000 others to act on the golden ticket choices for an ecologically, economically new era that can be virally created in 10 years and have more good truth than oblivion consequences than, ac, cell phones and other technical milestones.
  4. 1 million geo field hubs in 3 years could be the climatic tipping point, the likes of which Joanne Chory's ideal plant team and author Paul Hawkins, carbon underground and soilsolution.org and Tony Rinaudos' FMNR miracle, all seek from their own perspective and solutions
  5. See natural health Perth.com on the necessity and ubiquity of the biophoton which is the smallest unit of quanta of light made in the DNA of the nucleus of all cells. ponder the effect magnitude of the grand solar minimum cycle on climate homeostasis and the reduction of the vitality of biophotons for optimal health of all earths residents; all 93 million miles down stream from the original Light Tower called the Sun.
    The DNA coil contracts 3 billion times a second and each time it generates 1 biophoton per contraction www.biontologyarizona.com.
  6. 50% if geofieldfarming.com tech; supplements all cells with the full spectrum of 10,000 proprietary rates in the nano meter range as it disarms the stress response to the harmful segment of the emf spectrum, simultaneously requiring no electrical power 24/7 for up to a 500 mile radius in the smallest of stainless hubs with a 120 day, 100% refundable in writing in advance of the leases to use agreement.
  7. Each of the 10,000 nano meter rates optimizes a specific range of cellular functions. Biophontic cellular health of plants, food, beverages and people can now be ecosystems engendered at a distance perhaps up to 5,000 miles in circumstances I am not at liberty to mention until geo photonics has a greater level of objective acceptance and adoption by the scientific community. The last little ice age caused by a solar minimum was 1300-1850 AD and our solar minimum mat start in earnest in 2020 and last till 2070 reports NASA and other meteorological agencies.
  8. For a summary of summaries for bio-light library see the article paragraph 10.


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