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030 Global Won Initiative

GlobalWon.org provides a unified single connection point that empowers individuals and organizations to address humanitarian challenges efficiently and cost effectively without redundancy.  We are using the revolutionary ACE technology to power this all-encompassing project. The specific objectives and purpose of this organization are to:

  1. Empower individuals to meet the challenges of a local area which can be duplicated anywhere where there are similar circumstances.
  2. Leverage input from those who intimately understand the challenges involved, whether they are experts or well informed about the challenges.
  3. Serve as a central repository for the best ideas to be shared and acted on. Streamlining action by coordinating effort.
  4. Acknowledge/reward individuals and organizations for their contributions, whether financial, conceptual or physical.
  5. Ensure consistent and reliable action in support of Global Won goals and the specific priorities of participating organizations.

Global Won provides the vehicle to be fueled by the ideas and driven by the members of our global family. It is a voting System that empowers positive action in alignment with the guiding principles set forth by our membership.

Global Won Objectives

Every aspect of our operation is managed in relationship to our core essential objectives.  All projects adopted into the Global Won program are connected in some way to at least one of these objectives:


It’s necessary to recognize that we share a common global home. The world has abundant resources, so getting beneficial food with minimal waste to each and every person around the world is key. Immediately changing the way we think about food, how it’s grown, and what we consume. Sharing global food resources sensibly can be actualized quickly through education and monitoring growth and distribution techniques.


Along with air, water is one of the most important life sustaining elements. With a planet dominated by water, its abundance is sustainable for all living creatures to share in its nourishing and regenerative qualities.  We aim for plentiful and pure water for all. With integrity, the means, human will, and strategies to sustain clean water through empowered individuals creates permanent solutions.


As a basic human necessity, creating a loving and safe domain for all individuals and groups is critical for global growth and culture.  The importance of a personal living space and community allows us to foster a secure home for brothers and sisters around the world.


An enlightened paradigm shift towards total health for individuals, families, communities, and nations. New discoveries of physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and relational cradle-to-grave norms.  Multiplicity of approaches, technologies, and technological applications to create a new standard of well-being.


Protection for individuals young and old to live in peace transitioning from vulnerability into empowerment.  A safe and secure environment in every circumstance for all through policies, strategies, and education that promote conflict resolution.


Total absence of war and conflict is accomplished through negotiation and education with a transformative shift in individual and collective consciousness. Starting in our own backyard, finding new solutions leads to productive change for a unified future.


Encouraging inclusive studies allows for the enlightenment of mind, body, and spirit for all of humanity. We promote universal access to education, encompassing every demographic which creates empowered individuals.


Lifting the identity of individual and global citizens so everyone can be in a state of prosperity. Transforming how we perceive wealth by creating an abundance which ensures the empowerment of self and to share with others.


Transforming our oceans into pristine and sustainable ecosystems that benefit the creatures living within and also those who can responsibly utilize its energy sources for global harmony.


We strive for sensible methods to keep the planet alive and healthy through a limitless mindset of local and global initiatives. This mindset includes new research addressing the environmental impact on day-to-day usage as well as a host of countless solutions.


Transforming from environmentally depleting energy sources into rejuvenating sources that break traditional norms. Providing accessible energy for expansion of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual health on an individual and international plane.


Traveling outside of Earth's atmosphere for knowledge and research purposes while remaining respectful and protective over the natural entities provided.  Nurturing the expansive universe for fair exploration and growth of all.

Principles of Global Won

No decision is made at any level of our organization without consideration for how it reflects and impacts on our principles.  We are truly principle-driven, as are all of our partner projects. We believe in and operate in accordance with these principles:

  1. Inclusivity (Solutions and tools are available to all)
  2. Transparency (Conveying the precise activity and integrity of our organization)
  3. Leading by example (Empowered mentors paying it forward)
  4. Selflessness (Looking to the common and greatest good first)
  5. Safety (Ensuring that all members are protected to the best of our ability)
  6. Elevated Consciousness (Enrich the understanding the world population)
  7. Reusability / Repurposing (Eliminate the need to reinvent the wheel)
  8. Cooperation/Collaboration (Provide resolution through consensus building)
  9. Connectivity (Communicate with like-minded individuals and organizations)
  10. Measurability (Definitively gauging success through clear metrics)
  11. Permanence (Long-term resolutions over short-term fixes)
  12. Limitlessness (Looking beyond limitations and to the higher possibility)

Join us in Providing Solutions

We are building a coalition of like-minded partners to consolidate and refine the best ideas to salvage our world. Please email us at join@GlobalWon.org to get involved in this transformation.

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