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1. Luc Bergin's book, Primeval Code maintains that ancient DNA can be restored by specific electrostatic charges creating Supercrops. Corn has yielded twelve ears on one stalk and was harvested in weeks, not months.

2. Famous European professors have replicated this phenomenon. Nobel microbiology laureate Werner Arber has endorsed it. Daniel Ebner, son of one of the two discoverers wants to make this available for free to African farmers with United Nations food representative Jean Ziegler.

3. Aaron Murakami's version is user friendly and is the most effective version, I call it Aaron's code.

4. Plants develop super roots and fisheries create super fish with trout three times the conventional size often growing and maturing three to four times faster. Super maturation befuddles many plant pathogens since many insects bacteria and fungi that are non beneficial prey on plants at later stages in their development.
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5. Companies like Agrovolt.com have a version of this but Aaron's version seems to be far better.

6.With Electrostatic technology the cells survive about eight times longer outside the body after being subjected to an electrostatic field.

7. Aaron's code is at the epicenter of an epigenetic monsoon. The inventor sons founded the Guido Institute to. To attempt to give away this technology in Africa. Fishery hatchery rates with this technology often go from 50 percent to 100 Percent.

8. These crops grown with this method thrive in today's extreme environments, where it is too hot, too cold, too wet or too dry.

9. Wheat has been harvested in four weeks when it normally takes six to seven months. So this goes right to harnessing the recessive genetic power of the plant without adding anything, no structured water, no minerals, nothing. This is just going to the sheer power of the plant itself. Now of course you can imagine if we added good minerals to these plants: I'm sure they would be even more receptive to these frequencies.

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