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027 Safe Climate Exponential Acceleration

1. Physicists outside status quo world views say any good practice in any discipline, May be improved 100 times just by being in a location with ley lines. And grid points. Radionics is not accepted by most conventional science yet. A glance at the US psychotronics site, Infinite Energy Magazine, and Rexresearch.com reveals hundreds of such sciences from the speculative to the highly documented. The civilization kit. At Rexresearch.com is a mix and match. Multiple choice for building a world based on the most advanced principles of nature like the youth or climate. And Fridays for feature activists in over 100 countries should discover while litigating against national precedent corporations only an accelerated combination of the most advanced 3.0 sciences will match the world net loss of all resources.

2. Food water clean air. Species diversity and manmade. See space 5 g petition manmade EMF crisis to see if you are as informed about the state of the world as you should be.

 3. Hundreds of thousands of PHD's who don't represent the status quo are aware of and promoting find a solution adaption acceleration steps. Governments are able to deploy in time with placing geo field units on geodesic lines discovered by Charles Watkins in 1929. And detailed later by mathematician and physicist Bruce KP and reported on by avant garde journalist Doug Yuchey.

5. All contribute to safe climate science. Yet none of them alone will make enough difference to a radical innovation. Instead it and adopted or broadcast to the population at large. The Geofiled alliance of constant climate restoration acceleration will provide a friendly challenge to all claims of climate improvement from any quarter.

6. Be a meeting ground for all life science and an open source database to reverse the increasing trajectory of planetary chaos. We have to find answers that make the greatest benefit in the least time. That's the least time with the actual material inputs and political complexities. This is an incentive for people in all sectors to participate in.

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