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026 Is Safe Climate Turnkey Available to Everyone?

China's Tibetan Plateau claims to increase rainfall by 10 cubic meters a year over the plateau 3 times the size of Spain with silver iodide crystals at tens of thousands of mountain sites at 16,000 feet coordinated by 30 satellites.

The Tibetan plateau is the source of Asia's rivers and the water for half the world's population. The sky river project will redirect the water vapor Sky Rivers to arid land.

The world's longest water tunnel of 1,000 kilometers will use plateau water to turn the Xhian desert to a California linked with the plateaus world largest 30,000 hectare reforestation the size of France including 40 million hectares in China overall starting in 1949.

China lost 1 billion hybrid poplars after 10 years of effort, from one pathogen, after the super water needy variety reduced the water table ten times. Mega scale is mega risk.

100 billion was spent on reforestation which involved displacing many and yet accounts for 25% of the world's afforestation. geofield farming and geofield genetic revival may be the least risk, lowest cost ,fastest and most diplomatic ecological and economic cellular to macro climate science on earth. Transplantation mortality averages 15-30 %.

We have water mineral and other tech we feel can make all transplants thrive, the www.ArchaeaMinerals.com has this in more detail.

Time will tell if visionary’s like the Jamaican led 26 nation Caribbean accelerator, the 44 small island nations, the trillion tree project, Eden projects.org, various urban restoration projects and the hemp inc.com, canopy growth and midrange and smaller hemp and cannabis growers will trial the geo refundable offer fast enough and big enough to prevent the irreversible loss of this world as we know it. Special mention to Shane Mosley hemp quest ventures, Michael Steimetz, Flocanna founder and the collective minorities empowerment of Hudson hemp in NY.

The ionized sky is the first of a triology -read the book- Elana Freeland is the world's most accessible geo engineering journalist with insight on big & wrong picture geo science in use now and just getting warmed up her book is the first in a planned trilogy .
Vermont independent.com review of her work as a reference to her highly verified work.

Her 2nd book, chemtrails, harp and the full spectrum dominance of planet earth is published.  Summarily unified geo science can lock or unlock all earth's potential in every way. We hope Elana will see the light of the geo alliance to do the later before the turn key to dissolve the lock is too difficult to use. Perc360.com is a good reference, Her third book is about the space fence see truth11.com and ElanaFreeland.com.

The geofield, in reverse, to geo engineer, on the greatest scale, all frequencies essential to life. geofield can create the benign atmospheric of natural growth and abundance. 13 global ambassadors and 10,000 geofield field farming.com regeneration hubs;

Each with a 500 mile radius could be the catalyst to light the world with a self-healing viral wave of Biophotons for a new unified earth era science; achieve able by 2020. teslas ac lighting lit the world overnight and now any one may be a geo field engineer affiliate at no charge and negotiate a personalized compensation agreement.

The maximum global and personal restoration, with the least effort for all is the action invitation extended by the geo alliance. Text call 936 718 2747 and share solutions 

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