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025 Under an Eden Sky

The choices of world leaders and collectively, even the poorest people, today are geo engineering the world in 100's of ways.

The Eden choice is biomimetic and favors the abundance and wisdoms ubiquity, when we learn from and improve on nature, whether it's a hemp hat, reforesting Pakistan with billions of native trees and thousands of new nurseries and or catalyzing mass adoption of geofield farming.com and the geo gene wave not currently linked to geofield.

Geofield 's growing trees 10-30 feet in 1 year when they don't normally grow past 1-2 is a living Testament to true bio tech as Victor Schaumburger's many inventions demonstrated; natural action.com, alivewater.com and era999 hexahedron are modern versions and advancements.

Soil secrets.com, fmnr.au.org, soilcquest.au.org are examples in other earth science fields and www.ArchaeaMinerals.com.

You can say the archaea kingdom was Earth's first, most successful geo engineering still ongoing for 5 billion years up to this day in land, sea and air; never getting human recognition, cooperation or a day off with few exceptions says the geo Ormus archaea formulator Ray Hamilton.

The Eden sky hopes thousands of similar true life sciences applications will be used by millions and billions by 2030.

The sheer failure of status quo global polices that work only for the minority and the immediate need for wise replacements are seen by more than ever by the armies of millions of next gen groups like Friday's for future that may get a tipping point quorum of nations to go beyond unkempt Paris treaty and Bonn challenge agreements

While the UN Secretary General admits he's misinformed about the downside evidence of 5-100 g most national presidents are fast tracking.so enough informed people may grow to get the uninformed to take the needed giant steps or stop impeding those that will.

Under the ionized sky-1 of a trilogy, the environmental trust .org and the Crowther Lab .com reports show the myriad choices made by the few for the few and others that could be made by a growing minority for the sake of the world itself.

Pakistan’s reforestation tsunami and Bhutan negative carbon policies multiplied by the 26 nation the Caribbean accelerator and perhaps a 100 total may offset the emissions and omissions of public and private sector interests that won't build a green earth era though they could easily make the difference with their vast resources and the right world view and values.

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