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024 FL., TX., CA. 3,6,9 sweet citrus climate restoration

$9 billion citrus industry climate recovery-citrus, Florida's 2nd largest industry employ's 515,000 acres and generates $7 billion yearly.

Having grown 20 inches in circumference, flavorful oranges in Australia's 12 year drought with 105 degree temperatures, 20 days in succession while tripling corn yields and growing trees 10 to 30 feet in one year when they rarely grow past 1 to 2 feet; our one of a kind, first to market biophotonomy agronomy economy could reverse the red tide of Florida's economic crisis and the red tide coastal waters ailment.

We propose a 30,60,90 use of the geofield farming hubs upon which time, the security deposit is 100% refundable. If the user is not satisfied, we can start with a minimum of 640 acres; preferably not sprayed with antibiotics, knowing its presumed 100% of mature trees have the Asian Psyllid pest.

The late Florida PHD entomologist, Phil Callahan's paramagnetic shift in soil, plants and atmosphere is a corollary to our bio photonomy economy which may amplify any product and protocol based on cellular harmonics. He published 150 papers and 15 books, see his tuning into about insect communication, seaagri.com, sea-crop.com, oneradionetwork.com (a leading voice for 21st century agronomy) and neem foilars from neem grown in Mauritania in the Saharan climate.

Having 100 year old pear trees in Washington state bear 500 pounds of high brix fruit that would impress famous farm consultants, Dr. Arden Anderson, Phil Wheeler, Acres USA, and Penny Kelly authour of the elves of Lilly hill farm, who grew superior grapes for welches; visionary Florida orchard owners who want to keep on growing, have nothing to loose and the sweetest victory to gain while making earth shaking climate calming news. Text 281-210-8245

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