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023 Restore Florida Oranges with the Sweetness of Geofield Science

The world's orange groves have been decimated.  Citrus greening and canker have destroyed a once booming business.  Many citrus growers have been forced to sell their land to developers or to decrease their acreage, destroying thin profit margins. 

There hasn’t been a solution – until now. http://www.geofieldfarming.com is working with 2 Florida companies that systematically, organically and economically stop citrus greening.

Geofield science has been in use in Australia and produced amazing results! Improve tree vitality, regrowth and increase harvests!  Improve soil and plant health!   In Australia, we increased the size of oranges while maintaining quality and taste.  Oranges increased from 7” circumference to 24" circumference!

 A Geofield Farming system orange on the left, and a regular orange on the right.


This technology comes from the work of Nikola Tesla, Alexander Gurwitcsh and Alfred-Fritz Popp in biophotons, energy particles that plants need and use in many of their metabolic reactions. In addition to the important role biophotons play within intercellular communications, it has been shown through spectrometry, an instrument used for measuring wavelengths of light that plants share biophotons, thus communicating healthy energy throughout the farm.  The Geofield Farming System's unique ability to broadcast up to 500 miles can help whole communities of farmers realize an optimized environment.

To restore Florida citrus we will incorporate advanced technologies in microbial and biophotonic sciences with 100% natural light and sound wave technologies combined with optimized microbial solutions bring balance to the ecosystem and biosphere, giving orange trees and the biological systems they rely on renewed vitality.  It's applied science for today's environmental problems: climate change and electromagnetic pollution.

Measurable outcomes:

  1. Acreage increase by 20% (currently declining by ~50% a yr)
  2. Orange tree production increase by 20%
  3. Brix (sugar levels /sweetness) restored to 10 - 15 up from 5-6
  4. Soil fertility measured by Formazan (measures soil activity) ranges between 1,000 and 2,000 formazan, up from 600.  Shows breakdown of soil and energy released.
  5. Biophoton emission using GVD imaging

Case Study  – Murray Valley New South Wales, Australia Feed Corn

Problem :

The dairy farm near Murray Valley region of New South Wales with 350 hectares of Pioneer 1467 corn consistently raised enough feed for one year’s worth of corn to feed his cattle, but they had the worst drought in history and needed to protect their crop from the heat and water shortage to protect their feed storage.  Their farm is lined with high tension power lines and a substation on one corner of the field. The weather in the area was very hot with several weeks where daytime temperatures stayed above 110oF with no rain; all water was brought in for flood irrigation.  Climate zone 4: hot dry summers, cool winters.  Soil type: sandy loam, red brown earth soil


A 7” GeoField Conditioner was installed near the farm inside a building 10 miles away from the farm.  No changes to protocols or farming standards were made. 


22 tons of corn per hectare, an increase of 30% and enough feed for 18 months.  A neighboring farm with slightly different irrigation practices also saw an above average yield at 14.5 tons per hectare.

Dan Stachofsky 

Office: 509-850-0557 Cell: 206-660-9603

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