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019 With GeoField: 1 Tree equals 3-30 with Less Cost and Less Time.

  1. GeofieldFarming.com seeks reforestation and climate restoration visionaries everywhere. In Australian drought conditions we have grown trees 10-30 feet tall in 1 year that never before grew 1-2 feet in the first year.
  2. The enhanced growth effect works with any plant with no additional soil, water or plant amendment. Each species responds uniquely but all plants are enhanced. Examples include larger yields with greater nutrient density in vegetable and other cash crops.
  3. Crowtherlab.com shows reforestation potentials, challenges and solutions. Think of what GeofieldFarming.com super tree achievements could mean for them and Bonn Challenge participants (a global effort to bring 150 million hectares of the world’s deforested and degraded land into restoration by 2020 and 350 million hectares by 2030). Imagine any forest, anywhere in any climate.
  4. Reforestation has the greatest return on investment and greatest social impact. Economy and quality of life increases are immense. In addition to forestry, consider bio-remediation for other plants, fisheries and all types of farms. GeoField alliance includes a proprietary version of the Ebner effect (static electric fields enhancing biological organisms).

4. Crowtherlab.com shows how reforestation is the most effective way to enhance earth’s climate. The smallest GeoField is a 160 acre radius. Seeds germinate 3-5 faster in the Geofield with extremely high transplant survival rates. Larger GeoField units accelerate reforestation with less cost per acre.

5. Indigo AG's terraton challenge maintains that they are paying the world's farmers for soil carbon storage is the best climate solution. They were voted by CNBC the world's most disruptive company and geofield farming and plant amplifier could surpass what they think is possible in carbon sequestration, microbial and seed enhancement and far more. in ten days they got 3,000 farmers with a total of 700,000 acres to agree to let them pay them $15 an acre for carbon storage on 4 million acres of any kind of farm land including hemp etc. with their $4billion in assets they may reach their goal of drawing down 1 trillion tons of carbon making it a new cash crop economy with a crypto options see nori.com

GeoField creates a harmonious biophotonic environment so your plants experience improved photosynthesis and response to the ambient environment. Besides improved photosynthesis and metabolic processes in plants and soil microbes, GeoField restores the ion balance and oxygen saturation levels in biological systems at the cellular level. Your plants will experience greater root mass and greater above ground growth from GeoField’s coherent, health-promoting harmonic photonic field.

6. In addition to visual results, standard BRIX and soil analysis often show pivotal improvement within 90 days. You will also see increased sap flow, restored mitochondrial and metabolic function, stabilized oxygen molecules and improved immune system which increases resistance to pests and plant diseases. This all leads to an enhanced quality whatever your crop is. Extreme advancement of carbon sequestration is a likely automatic bi-product.

7. We may have additional partners and products such as Plant Amplifier to assist further for even greater results. PlantAmplifier.com technology has increased silver absorption from soil by plants by 300%, repelling viruses and non-beneficial microbes in soil, water and air and lasts at least 7 years. Plant amplifier’s octogram enhances Biophotons in people and may evolve the DNA helix in people and plants. Plant Amplifier has validation from one of America's most prestigious Federal laboratories and is the holder of 56 global patents and 300 inventions in commercial use in Europe. After 55 years, the Tesla of Romania, Ioan Davidoni, had invented plant amplifiers. See www.daviddoni.ro. Agricultural photonics as knows by a minority is used to better measure soil, plant and water health;our photonics dramatically improve all 3 and much more.

8. Indigo Ag is outperforming the USDA and setting a higher standard for the world of farming, forestry and leading the $15 trillion global renewable carbon draw down economy. Indigo AG's microbial seed treatment is used by thousands of farmers in a dozen countries. Their treatment may be multiplied many fold by adding PlantAmplifier.com's Quantic Biolight Crystals which can be verified quickly in germination and other trials. Not only does plant amplifier accept the Indigo's Terraton Challenge, we in turn challenge them to meet thier goals by fast tracking a quantic climate seed trial shortening their usual proposal evaluation time frame since 50 studies already show plant amplifier is the sole front runner in climate restoration via biophotonic plant science. Applied biophotonic science is essential as video's show by Glenn Rein, Bruce Lipton, Bradley Bartholomew and Iona Miller. See https://www.heartmath.org/resources/videos/

9. PlantAmplifier is ready to add tremendous environmental and economic value on small and large scales with the right partnerships. We aim to lead the disrupters of the most beneficial disruptions.

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