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018 New Light on Perennial Wheat for People and Planet

  1. Eighty-percent of the worlds food is from annual plants requiring planting every year losing topsoil from tillage and extra irrigation for shallow root systems. Kernza is the first perennial wheat in 10,000 years of wheat cultivation it regrows on its own after harvest. Though the yield and grain size need improvement, General Mills, Cascadian farms, Patagonia forever, green initiative and other major players like the University of Wisconsin help the originator. The land institute in Kansas after a 40 year development quest which now includes corn, sorghum, and rice with non-GMO and natural breeding ethos, with a depth twice annual wheat sometimes reaching 10 feet. The water retention, soil protection, emissions reduction ,maximum forage and many other advantages for a better climate are here four a better climate with further improvement and mass adoption. Seed is available for growers from www.plvgh.com.
  2. Kernza 2.0 could be 1 crop away with the wheat achievements of plant amplifiers.com and growing evidence they unlock recessive traits making plants climate resilient and similarly www.geofieldfarming.com. Ultra bumper crops in Australia's record drought and data on forestry benefits are unique, fast maintenance and cost effective
  3. These two plant sciences are the only ones that profoundly neutralize man made EMF effects on all plants and people.
  4. Yes, the evidence is there in the safe climate plant and planet harmonics article on the global restoration menu on golden opportunities development www.mbtcom. To the extent they deserve being featured at the 5g summit.
  5. Kernza yields are increasing 5 to 10% a year. Ten million acres of Iowa farmland have washed into the Gulf of Mexico in ten years due to annual crops tillage and shallow root systems. Kernza goes 3 seasons without planting, and its carbon storage is unmatched in the food crop world till hemp growers get involved.

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