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017 The New Coral Castle

  1. The Coral Castle in Florida is over 1,000 tons of limestone, cut and precisely placed. Many blocks are twice the weight of those in the great Pyramid. The architect said 1 photon is at the center of all atoms and he worked at night to keep his secrets and harness magnetic and lunar photons. He claimed his magnetic light engineering harnessed the key lines and power power point grids of the earth using acoustical harmonics and a hand held condenser of incalculable amounts of photons shaped like the Egyptian ankh. See cordis.europa.eu for other photonic innovations. Believe what you like. Few have any explanation after 100 years.
  2. In September PlantAmplifier.com will have studies by one of America's most famous federal labs verifying that by using biophotonics we have revived dormant coral reefs from oxygen lack, man made emf radiation, acidification, over heating and myriad contaminants. We challenge anyone to document they can do anything even remotely similar. Our Biophotonic science works 30 times better in a water environment, be it saline or freshwater for all organisms in the ecology. Coral has been found to be very responsive to biophotons. This is the new global Coral Castle bio mimetics. 75% of the worlds coral reefs are at risk. The invasive sun coral species is beginning to dominate the coral diversity around the world. It's becoming the kudzu of the oceans.
  3. This biomimicry improves on nature by amplifying the photonic presence. Biophotonics and photonics may be the central coordinator of all fields and frequencies such as scalar, magnetic, Schumann, torsion, electro-static, Tesla's cosmic waves, etc. Light is the first nutrient in the universe and so far PlantAmplifier.com seems to be the world's most documented leader leader in using Biophotons for better living on any level from nano to macro. Teach us or learn from us to amplify all efforts for global restoration in what may be humanities last opportunity to do so. We offer our 55 years of Biophotonic knowledge and our very affordable products that 7 years or more based on the work of Ioan Davidoni with over 900 inventions, innovations, and technical solutions.

  1. The Great Barrier Coral Reef contributes $7 billion yearly to Australia's economy. The estimate is based on the reef supporting tens of thousands of jobs. The ocean captures the largest amount of carbon, absorbing up to 30% of all man made co2. Twenty Five percent of the oceans species relies on coral reefs that only cover 1% of the ocean floor.
  2. UC Davis Bodega Marine Labs and Mars Sustainable Solutions restored 5 acres of coral in the center of the Indonesian Coral Triangle with 11,000 hexagons as a growth medium. Live coral went from less than 10% to over 60% at a cost of $117,000. The coral triangle is the worlds largest and most diverse diverse ecosystem. Six countries have signed a coral triangle initiative agreeing to the Conservation International Seascape approach.
  3. Mangrove forests, marshes and seagrass have the greatest potential for carbon storage of all marine habitats. Mangroves store 6 gigatons of carbon yearly. Mangroves store carbon 40 times faster than any other tree. Coral is still a keystone species harboring mega diversity like kelp.
  4. CoralRestoration.org in Key Largo is the largest single coral restoration project by planting 66,000 coral. Other notable coral restoration projects include Dr. David Vaughan formerly executive director and senior scientist at mote.org is now retired and working on his private initiative at plant-a-million-corals.com. It is his commitment to plant a million coral and he has discovered how to grow coral 50 times faster. Currently PlantAmplifier.com has no official relationship with plant-a-million-corals.com.

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