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016 Biolight on Coffee: 80 Countries Grow It and Americans Drink Half of It.

  1. Frinj coffee has grown coffee in California since 2016 and will plant 3 million new trees by 2022. See our GoldenOpportunitiesDevelopment.com Global Restoration Menu for more information on biophotonics. See also the video entitled "What Are Biophotons and How Do They Work? (https://youtu.be/lANXaLismNU) Bear in mind that all organisms are managed at a cellular level by biophotons. Moscow Institute of Physics research by Sergey Maydurov shows biophotons in plants can increase cell division in surrounding plants by 30%.
  2. Over 2,000 studies have verified detrimental effect of EMF on plants and people. PlantAmplifier.com has documented their technology being able to neutralize many of those effects. Retired biochemist Dr. Martin Pall PhD says plants and organisms with higher surface to volume ratios will be particularly affected by EMF which also causes cells to loose their calcium, potassium and sulfur ion balances via the voltage gated channels. His 90 page report can be seen at this site: https://peaceinspace.blogs.com/files/5g-emf-hazards--dr-martin-l.-pall--eu-emf2018-6-11us3.pdf. EMF imposes a force 7.2 million times greater than what exists in cells. The global 5g industry plans to deploy 100's of millions of 5g towers and 200,000 satellites capable of of up to 100 gigahertz frequency.
  3. PlantAmplifier.com's 17 pages study demonstrates how its technology actually benefits coffee trees to produce superior coffee beans. The study displays some of the improvements such as flavor, aroma etc. Puerto Rico was a global leader untill climate change storms. They could use plant amplifier and geofield farming for restoration acceleration, faster and higher yields, and better quality. PlantAmplifier has 21 studies on its bio light agronomy and is complimented by hexahedron999.com photon enhanced water for irrigation and residential applications.
  4. Coffee Leaf Rust disease caused by fungus (Hemileia vastatrix) as well as climate change may brew coffee extinction for Jamaica, Mexico and any coffee growing region. PlantAmplifier studies indicate show it to be a powerful, natural anti-fungicide. The Rust problem in the citrus industry, Citrus Greening Disease, is carried by an insect that spreads the detrimental bacteria. Biolight Geo-Ecoengineering benefits people and the planet in a viral accelerated mutual benefit. PlantAmplifier.com biophotonics could be the future of all plant and life science.


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