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015 Greenlighting the Food of the Future

  1. The United Nations proclaimed spirulina the food of the future. Spirulina doubles in 3-5 days and is 65% protein. Were not making more land and we are making more people so growing algae varieties in water makes sense. Algae grows ten times more rapidly than terrestrial plants in one tenth the surface and on unproductive land. 50% of the worlds oxygen is from algae. Algae is the most efficient group of organisms turning co2, sunlight and water into food and biofuels substrates. Spirulina’s protein production is 7 times that of soy per acre and 300 times that of peas. PlantAmplifier.com works 40 times better in water to super enhance all plants with many verifying studies.
  2. We seek one visionary algae grower to trial our biophoton amplifier products. The non synthetic product is maintenance free and improves all cellular functions by optimizing biophoton quantity and quality. All cellular function is monitored by biophotonically from the DNA nucleus of all cells from potatoes to people. Climate scientist Charles Greene has a USA Department of Energy grant to research algal bio-fuels and and climate solutions all of which could be optimized by PlantAmplifier. 
  3. Oxygen production of plants has tripled with our biolight nano-crystals with a world famous federal lab corroboration coming in September. From hemp, corn, wheat, mangroves and more we amplify yield, nutritional density as well as enhance insect and climate resilience. We hope to share our data and benefits with commercially viable algae farms like Qualitas Health, whose CEO has grown 700 million pounds of vegetables at sites around the world as well as EarthRise, the first commercial spirulina grower and Corbion ,a publicly held algae global giant with its culinary algae oil in 5,500 u.s. stores alone.
  4. Most growers aren't aware of the 2,000 studies that show modern electronics EMF impair all plants including DNA. PlantAmplifier quells the detrimental effects without disturbing the functions of any device as does GeofieldFarming.com solid state frequency broadcasters. I am invited to present this data at a national parliament in the near future. The future is now for those who choose.

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