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014 Ethiopia's 1 billion cool climate seeds

Prime minister Ably Ahmed, green legacy initiative in 1,000 locations, planted 350 million trees in 12 hours this month. Minister of innovation and technology, Getahun Mercuria is coordinating the effort to counter the drought----2.6 have been planted and the goal is 4 billion. Plant amplifier.com dramatically makes plants heat resistant and pathogen resistant by tripling Biophotons on leaf surfaces and increasing silver uptake 350% from soil repelling bacteria, fungi and insects thriving on climate warming. We propose seedlings treated with our photonic crystals would create super trees that survive and thrive after planting that are better in every way.

Results are often seen in weeks and we can prove our case with as little as 1,000 seedlings and easily scale to 1 billion. 50 studies show our biophotonics agriculture, forestry and fisheries amendments are a new era in what the inventor Ioan Davidoni, the Tesla of Rumania, calls the new quantified era of biolight sciences based on his 900 inventions. Any national, state or province can trial our best climate at little or new risk and see get the Benefits in record time. We have direct contact with several nations who are just starting to evaluate our super life science offer and will have a world famous lab verify our ability to revive coral reefs in September. Indigo ag has a global soil carbon plan in a dozen countries that could see similar benefits quickly with their seed and soil treatment.

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