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012 What Companies, States and Countries Will Win a Safe Climate?

Plants won't thrive for extended periods of 94 degrees Fahrenheit. PlantAmplifier.com treated plants thrive in up to 107 degrees Fahrenheit and may naturally genetically evolve to do even better under greater challenges. My many advisors predict a safe climate will be generated by anyone who accepts and completes our challenge to pivotally improve any land, aquatic, forestry, bio mass, biofuel etc. project in any climate in 100 days on 10 to 1,000 acres on a little or no risk basis. University studies in a dozen countries give us the confidence to make such a value proposition. Learn why 12 African countries may legalize GMO food and why Uganda is one of them. Our quantic era sciences can address water, climate, housing, EMF and personal and planetary health. Any of 1-3 other global restoration articles written for PlantAmplifier.com will further document our abilities. More studies are in development every month from Europe, Africa, Mexico etc.

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